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Vietnam visa exemption

Date Create: 24/01/2018

Foreigners who want to enter Vietnam must have a passport or passport equivalents and a valid visa issued by the competent authorities of Vietnam, except in cases of visa exemption under Vietnam law or international treaties to which Vietnam is a member.

Vietnam visa exemption

Benefits of Vietnam visa exemption

  • Certificate of visa exemption enables Vietnamese immigrant or foreigner whose parent or spouse is Vietnam citizen to enter Vietnam without visa. This certificate is valid up to 5 years and allows stays of no longer than 180 days per visit. If you would like to extend your stay after 180 days, you should apply for visa renewal.
  • Cost savings when the next visa extension: For example when compared to the 3-month visa several times, when this term expires, the cost of visas extended visa exemption will be less and easier by the pros Vietnam’s affinity for the Vietnam or foreigners who have relationships husband, wife, children of Vietnam.  

Subjects are exempt from visa?

The case of visa exemption provided for in Article 12, Article 13 of the Law on Entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam.

Specifically, the case of visa exemption includes:

1. According to the international treaties to which Vietnam is a member.

2. Use a permanent resident card, temporary residence card in accordance with this Law.

3. At the border gate economic zones, administrative units – special economic.

4. The cases are unilateral visa exemption as provided for in Article 13 of this Law. Article 13 provides as follows:

a. Decision unilateral visa exemption for citizens of a country must meet the following conditions:

  • Diplomatic relations with Vietnam.
  • In accordance with the economic development policies – social and foreign policy of Vietnam in each period.
  • Without prejudice to the defense, security and order, social security of Vietnam.

b. Decision unilateral visa exemption with a term not exceeding 5 years and may be renewed consideration. Decided unilaterally canceled visa exemption if not all the conditions specified in paragraph 1 of this Article.

c. Pursuant to the provisions of this Article, the Government decided unilaterally a term visa exemption for each country.

5. Vietnam residing abroad has passports or valid documents for international travel by the competent authorities of foreign countries and foreigners are spouses, their children; foreigners are spouses or children of citizens of Vietnam are exempt from visa requirements stipulated by the Government.

Why do Nhi Gia Vietnam visa exemption?

  • Understand the administrative procedures and regulations of the State.
  • Experience in many instances different profile.
  • To handle emergency situations.
  • Saves time and effort of our customers.
  • Free consultation related issues free visas.

Frequently asked questions

Question – The deadline for the value of the visa waiver?

Answer  Visa exemption certificate is valid until 5 years and a shorter duration of a valid passport or residence permit issued by foreign countries at least 6 months.

Question – Children under 14 years old has been granted a visa does not?

Answer – Yes, if it meets all the conditions for being granted a visa exemption. Children under 14 traveling with their parents’ passport, the visa-free paper supplied with the parent’s passport.

Question – The deadline for granting visa exemption is for how long?

Answer    The competent authority to grant visa exemption for a period of 7 working days from the date of receipt of a valid application.

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Vietnam visa exemption

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