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Date Create: 24/01/2018

Fast passport services, passport grant and renewal, renewal of expired passports, passports for children, etc. quickly, as required, punctuality and professional.

You do not know the procedures to apply for a passport?

You also do not have time to learn about the procedures? Nhi Gia will support you.

What is a passport?

Passport is a document issued by Government to its citizens as a certification allowing the citizens to leave the country and return from abroad.

Passport has 3 categories:

  • Popular Passport.
  • Official Passport.
  • Diplomatic Passport.

The duration of the passport: 10 years.

Valid passport when it is reissued, the expiration of the new grant procedures.

The difficulties in doing passport by your own

  • Applying for a passport is similar to identity cards. Applicants have to sign directly and collate photos when submitting documents.
  • Only 100-200 dossiers processed everyday..
  • Applicantsmust arrive before 7:30 am or 13:00 pm for registration and reservation.If being late, applicants have to wait for the next day.
  • In peak season, applicants may queues waiting for several hours.

Commitment to excellent quality for passport service at Nhi Gia

  • Successful rate up to 99%.
  • Representing customers to perform the whole necessary procedures.
  • Consulting on appropriate type of passport.
  • Solving difficult cases.
  • Always punctual.

Frequently asked questions

Question – Procedures and time to apply for a passport?

Answer – Applying for a Passport include:

  1. Identity card (original).
  2. Household book or KT3.
  3. Passport declaration form.
  4. 5 4×6 photos (white background).
  5. Birth certificate (for children).

Duration for Passport application: Within 14 days since the day of receiving complete dossier in accordance with provisions (not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

Question – Are passports and visas the same?

Answer – Passports and visas are often thought to be the same because of their common purpose of the entry and exit and often go together.

For some countries, you just need to have a passport for entry and exit.

However, most of you will have to complete visa process before flying, or on arrival, depending on the agreement between the two countries. Normally, visa will be issued by being pasted into passports.

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