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Marriage registration

Date Create: 24/01/2018

Under the provisions of the law on marriage of Vietnam, in marriages between Vietnamese foreigners, each party must comply with the laws of their own countries on the conditions for getting marriage. If the marriage is held at the state agencies of Vietnam, foreign workers must also comply with the provisions of Vietnam's laws on marriage conditions, order and procedure of marriage registration.

Marriage registration with foreigners in Vietnam?

What procedure you do not know? Nhi Gia will support you.

Is it difficult to apply for marriage with a foreigner?

The procedure of marriage registration with a foreigner is a rather complicated process. If you want to marry those whose possesses other nationality, you should ask consultant in order to the marriage registration process will be going well, convenient and as fast as possible.

In the case, you carry out by yourself

  • Take a lot of time to complete administrative procedures.
  • Take a lot of time to travel.
  • In the case of unclean document, it takes at least 10 days to verify.
  • No interview experience.  

What you need to know about the procedure of marriage registration with a foreigner


  • Between Vietnamese citizen and foreigner;
  • Between Vietnamese citizen reside in Vietnam and Vietnamese citizen reside oversea;
  • Between 2 Vietnamese citizen reside oversea;
  • Between Vietnamese citizen but possesses foreign nationality and Vietnamese citizen or foreigner;
  • In the case, foreigner is residing in Vietnam requests marriage registration in Vietnam, this process will be carried out by People’s Committee of the district/city where one of party is residing.

2. Receiving agency:

People’s Committee of the District/City belongs to District/City where Vietnamese citizen residing.

3. Time for viewing processIt takes about 15 days from the date of submitting the interview document at People’s Committee of the district/city where one of party is residing (if submitted documents are in full and in accordance with the regulations).

4. Required documents:

  • Proof of marital status of both men and women;
  • Proof of legal residence status of both men and women;
  • Medical examination record of both men and women;
  • Depending on each situation, after receive your document Nhi Gia will give additional advice in order to get the best result.

Commitment and legal assurance to customers

Nhi Gia, as a Consulting Services Company in accordance with the Government’s regulations, always commits and assures the legal status of customers in carrying out procedures for marriage registration foreigners in Vietnam.

  • Providing legal advice dependent on specific case;
  • Assisting the customer to prepare the fully document as required by the relevant authority and on a specific case in order not to waste lot of time in replenishment;
  • Providing translation service, document notarization;
  • Sharing experiences and conduct interviews (if required);
  • Monitoring the document status of Customer and supporting the response from the authority;
  • In some cases, Nhi Gia can help you with procedures without the presence of foreigners;
  • In the event that your application is refused, your paid fee will be fully refundable;
  • Transparency fee and no expenses incurred;
  • Delivering document to customer.

The registration of marriage services process of Nhi Gia

Step 1: Receiving customers’ information, providing advice and quoting a price as specific situation;

Step 2: Receiving customers’ document, checking and then translating/authenticating document;

Step 3: Making appointment to submit document and supporting for an interview at People’s Committee of the District/City;

Step 4: Directly receiving result at People’s Committee of the District / City accordance with appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Question – Do foreigners need to be present for making the procedure?

Answer – Applicant need to be present at Judicial Department for submitting and signing. Depending on each situation; Nhi Gia can help one party with procedures without the presence of other party.

Question – Can we use legal Marriage Certificate overseas which was registered in Vietnam?

Answer – Almost countries accept Marriage Certificates registered in Vietnam. However, depending on using purpose and regulations of each country, it is necessary to carry out further consular authentication in order to use legal.

More detail in: Authentication Service of Nhi Gia

Question – Can we register for our marriage after having a child?

Answer – If the husband/father can prove the relationship between father and son/daughter so you need to making procedure for our children and apply for Birth Certificate.

More detail in: Children’s Birth Certificate of Nhi Gia


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