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Vietnam visa

Date Create: 24/01/2018

According to the regulations of the State of Vietnam, except for cases of visa-free entry, foreign citizens must apply for a visa if they want to enter Vietnam. Let’s find out the information about the conditions, procedures and fees for applying for a visa to enter Vietnam.

Information about Vietnam entry visa

What is Vietnam entry visa or Vietnam visa? – this is a common question for customers who apply for a visa for foreigners to enter Vietnam for the first time.

Vietnam visa is a “ticket” for foreign citizens to enter Vietnam for the purpose of tourism, work, investment, visiting relatives, studying abroad, etc. If the foreign citizens cannot present passport and Vietnam entry visa with government officials, they can be considered as entering the country illegally.

Types of visas to enter Vietnam

Classification of Vietnam entry visas for foreign citizens is specified in Law No. 51/2019/QH14, effective from July 01, 2020, including 21 main categories: LĐ1, LĐ2, DN1, DN2, DL, DH, ĐT1, ĐT2, ĐT3, ĐT4, TT, VR, SQ, NG, etc. In addition, visas can be classified according to the purpose of entry, time/number of entries and location of visa receipt.

Some common types of Vietnam entry visas classified by entry purposes are:

  • Tourist Visa (DL)
  • Commercial and business visa (DN1, DN2)
  • Work visa (LĐ1, LĐ2)
  • Visa to visit relatives (TT, VR)
  • Investment Visa (ĐT1, ĐT2, ĐT3, ĐT4)
  • Electronic Visa (EV).

Types of visas classified by number of entries include: single entry visa and multiple entry visa. With a Vietnam multiple entry visa, customers will be able to enter and exit Vietnam many times during the visa’s validity period.

  • 1-month single entry visa
  • 3-month single entry visa
  • 3-month multiple entry visa
  • 6-month multiple entry visa
  • 12-month multiple entry visa

Conditions for applying for Vietnam entry visa

Conditions for granting entry visas to foreigners.

  • Having a passport or valid international travel document.
  • Having inviting or sponsoring agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam, except for the case of issuing Vietnam visa at the overseas Vietnam visa-issuing authorities.
  • Not being allowed to enter the country.
  • In the following cases, when applying for a visa, documents proving the purpose of entry are required:
  1. a) Foreigners entering the country for investment must have papers proving their investment in Vietnam;
  2. b) Foreigners who are law practitioners in Vietnam must have a law practicing certificate;
  3. c) Foreigners entering the country for working must have a work permit;
  4. d) Foreigners entering the country for studying must have a written admission from the Vietnamese school or educational institution.

Note: During the epidemic prevention and control period, the conditions for entry into Vietnam are much stricter than before. Call us on 1900 6654 to find out more about the entry conditions during the C.O.V.I.D season and conditions for applying for a Vietnam entry visa.

How to apply for a Vietnam entry visa?

There are 02 ways to apply for a Vietnam visa for foreign citizens: Applying for a visa in their home country or a country with a Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate and Applying for an entry approval letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department and having visas stamped at international border gates.

However, foreigners usually apply for the visa at the Immigration Department, because it is convenient, quick and they do not need to pay too much attention to the legal procedures of Vietnam. They just need to contact a recognized and licensed international travel agency in Vietnam for visa assistance.

Procedures for applying for Vietnam entry visa at the Immigration Department

To apply for Vietnam entry visa at the Immigration Department, it is mandatory to have an inviting or sponsoring individual, organization or enterprise. Applying for an entry approval letter is the first important procedure to perform.

Step 1: Apply for Vietnam entry approval letter.

Foreigners or sponsoring individuals or businesses only need to provide basic information such as:

  • Full name, Date of birth,
  • Passport number or color scanned copy of passport’s photo page,
  • Date of entry,
  • Location of visa receipt,
  • Some forms on request.

The immigration service company will prepare documents to apply for official letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department. After the application is successfully approved, the service provider will send an entry approval letter via email to the foreigners or the sponsoring individuals or enterprises.

Step 2: Carry out visa stamping procedures at Vietnam international border gate.

Upon receiving the entry approval letter, the foreigner shall prepare the following documents: Original Passport, Entry approval letter (printed), 02 4x6 photos and fill out the Declaration of Vietnam Visa Application at the international border gate stated in the official letter.

At Vietnam’s international border gate, foreigners shall pay fees and have Vietnam entry visa stamped.

Note: During the epidemic prevention and control period, the Vietnamese Government has strict requirements on Vietnam entry procedures for foreigners. Please contact Nhi Gia 1900 6654 for details on how to prepare documents to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam as directed by the Government.

Vietnam entry visa application fee

The state fee for applying for a new visa/visa renewal for foreigners is specified in the Circular No. 25/2021/TT-BTC. This is a mandatory fee to be paid to the Immigration agency/Diplomatic mission of Vietnam abroad when you carry out the procedures for Vietnam visa application/visa renewal.

+ Single entry visa: USD 25/visa.

+ Multiple entry visa:

  • Valid up to 03 months: USD 50/visa
  • Valid from 03 months to 06 months: USD 95/visa
  • Valid from 06 months to 01 year: USD 135/visa
  • Valid from 01 year to 02 years: USD 145/visa
  • Valid from 02 years to 05 years: USD 155/visa.

In addition to the mandatory state fees, foreigners need to pay additional fees such as fees for application preparation.

Professional Vietnam entry visa service

Carrying out procedures to apply for Vietnam visa requires enterprises (employees) to understand the legal procedures and know how to explain to the state agency about the applications. Besides, in case of urgent and emergency entry, they must have a legitimate reason. It is better to find a professional service provider to save time, effort and cost.

Choose Nhi Gia’s Vietnam entry visa application service for the following reasons:

  • Prestige: Having 16 years of experience, we are a reliable and long-term partner of thousands of businesses in Vietnam. Having successfully prepared +1,000,000 applications.
  • Handling all cases of documents and nationalities.
  • Committing to approval rate – fast time – competitive fee.
  • Processing in only 2-3 days, even processing urgently in 1 day.
  • Free consultation: Legal regulations on visa issuance, documents related to foreigners such as visa renewal, work permit, temporary residence card, etc.

We hope the information about Vietnam entry visa will be useful to organizations and businesses. Please contact 1900 6654 or for assistance with procedures and quotes for Vietnam entry visa.

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