Apply for LD1 visa - Vietnam Work visa for foreigners

Date Create: 29/11/2023

Foreigners who enter Vietnam to work must apply for LD1 visa or LD2 visa. In this article, Nhi Gia summarizes the necessary information about the LD1 visa which includes visa duration, conditions/objects, and necessary documents when applying for a LD1 visa!

What is a LD1 visa? How long does the processing time take?

Previously, the Immigration Law No. 47/2014/QH13 stipulates foreigners entering Vietnam to work will be granted a visa with the symbol LD. However, in the Amending and Supplementing Law No. 51/2019/QH14 in 2019, the Work visa is classified on a case-by-case basis, including LD1 visa and LD2 visa.

In particular, a Vietnam LD1 visa is issued to foreigners working in Vietnam with confirmation that they are not eligible for a Work Permit. (Unless an international treaty to which Vietnam is a contracting party provides otherwise).

The law also stipulates that a Work visa will be granted to foreigners with a maximum duration of 2 years. In case the visa is about to expire but foreigners want to stay in Vietnam, they can apply for a visa extension.

Conditions to apply for LD1 visa

Foreigners will be considered for a LD1 visa when they meet the following conditions:

  • Have a passport or valid international travel document as prescribed.
  • The agency which invites or guarantees foreigners is established under Vietnamese law.
  • Have not been banned from entering Vietnam.
  • Have a certificate confirming that you are not eligible for a Work Permit (Work Permit Exemption).

Instructions on how to apply for a Work Permit Exemption 

To apply for a LD1 visa, a foreigner must be exempted from a Work Permit. According to regulations, there are more than 20 different cases of foreign workers being allowed to carry out procedures for certification of exemption from Work Permit (according to Article 154 of Law No. 45/2019/QH14 and Article 7 of Decree 152/2020/ND-CP).

>> See details about 20 latest Work Permit Exemption cases

To apply for a Work Permit Exemption certificate, foreigners need to prepare:

  • An application form for confirmation that the foreign worker is not eligible for a Work Permit, made according to Form No. 09/PLI
  • Health certificate or medical examination certificate
  • Written approval of the need to employ foreign workers. (Except for cases where this need is not determined).
  • Certified copy of valid passport as prescribed
  • Documents proving that the employee is not eligible for a Work Permit

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Procedures and documents to apply for Working LD1 visa 

After foreigners have a Work Permit Exemption, foreigners should let the individuals/businesses invite and sponsor them to get the LD1 visa faster. After that, the foreigners shall conduct the LD1 visa procedure.

Step 1: Prepare documents to apply for the approval entry letter for foreigners.

  1. Business license of the enterprise, the guarantee company.
  2. The passport of the foreigner is still valid as prescribed.
  3. An application for an Approval Entry Letter for foreigners entering Vietnam according to the NA2 form.
  4. Application for registration of seal and signature samples for the first time at the Immigration Office according to the NA16 form.
  5. Notarized copy of the written certification of exemption from Work Permit.
  6. Introduction letter of the applicant (if any).
  7. And other documents on request.

Step 2: Apply and receive the result of the official entry for employment purposes

After completing the application, the representative will go directly to the Immigration Department to submit the application and receive an appointment letter to return the results. After 5 working days or up to 7-10 days, the employer will receive the result from the Immigration Department.

Note: The Approval Entry Letter will clearly state the time of entry and the place to receive the LD1 visa. Foreigners must be on time at the meeting to complete the visa application process.

Step 3: Send Approval Entry Letter to foreign workers

After receiving the result of the Approval Entry Letter, the guarantee enterprise will send an email or a letter to deliver the Approval Entry Letter to the foreigner. This will let foreigners receive visas at Vietnamese consulates abroad or international border gates.

Step 4: Carry out the procedure for issuing a Vietnam work visa with the symbol LD1

Foreigners need to prepare the following documents to complete the Work visa application process:

  • Valid original passport 
  • Application form for Vietnam visa for foreigners - NA1 form 
  • Photo size 4x6cm
  • Copy of approval entry letter for work purposes
  • Fees for granting visas to foreigners following the law

Note: Foreigners need to go to the right place (international airport/Vietnamese consulate) where is written on the approval entry letter to apply for visa stamping.

Work visa fees

Fees will be listed on the fee table prescribed in Circular No. 25/2021-BTC of the Ministry of Finance. Specifically:

  • Issuance of single entry visa: 25 USD/pcs
  • Visa for less than 3 months with multiple-entry: 50 USD/pcs
  • Visa for 3-6 months with multiple-entry: 95 USD/pcs
  • Visa for 6-12 months with multiple-entry: 135 USD/pcs
  • Visa for 1-2 years with multiple-entry: 145 USD/pcs

LD1 visa service for foreigners quickly - economically

As can be seen, the procedure to apply for a visa is quite complicated. This requires foreigners to have a certificate of work permit exemption, an Approval Entry Letter, etc. to be able to apply for a LD1 visa. Besides, each type of document requires different procedures, which makes it difficult for foreigners to quickly get a visa.

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