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Vietnamese driving license

Date Create: 24/01/2018

You are Vietnamese or foreigners working and staying in Vietnam. You need to convert the international driving license to Vietnamese driving license in accordance to the Vietnamese law.

Conversion to Vietnamese Driving License is not difficult

This statement is both right and wrong. It is right for people or companies who know well about procedures and required documents and the conversion process. However it is difficult for those who have never done it before.

If you yourself apply for a Vietnamese driving license, you will have

  • It takes time to learn about the procedures and required documents.
  • Travelling back several times if the documents are incomplete.
  • Have to wait for a long time (queuing waiting to fingerprint, stamping, and taking photos).

And maybe:

  • Unable to convert to Vietnam driving license if having problem with the documents.
  • Time-consuming, money-consuming (transportation expenses).
  • Tired, hassle and risk.

Nhi Gia always ensures that its customers

  • Costs are transparent from the outset.
  • Do not incur any emerging cost in the implementation process.
  • Deliver documents and license to the customers.
  • All customer information is stored safely and confidentially. Only staff that is responsible for the process can get approach the documents.
  • Nhi Gia staff always support customer at the Department of Transportation.
  • Successful conversion rate is 100%.
  • Complete in 14 days of work.

Requirement procedure for making license in Vietnam

  • Foreign license
  • Photo 4×6 with white background
  • Passport
  • Vietnam Visa
  • Residence card, temporary residence card, permanent residence card, permanent residence certificate in Vietnam for foreigners
  • Temporary residence in Vietnam.

Remarkable about Vietnamese driving license

  • The license have the same validity as residence card/Vietnamese Visa
  • If you have a national license, you have to change to the corresponding license in Vietnam.
  • If you have an international license is issued by the competent authority of the countries participating in the Convention Road Traffic 1968, the duration of use shall be permitted to drive the prescribed type of vehicle as stated in the license. It is not necessary to change to a Vietnamese license, in cases where an international treaty on license to which Vietnam is a contracting party provides otherwise, the provisions of such international treaties shall apply.
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