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Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa are for foreigners who want to enter Vietnam for tourism/business or foreigners who are currently in Vietnam and want to extend visa.

Vietnam visa

How to apply for Vietnam visa

There are two common ways to apply for Vietnam visa:

  • First: Applying for Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese consulates in your country. It takes much time and the procedures are complicated.
  • Second: Applying for Vietnam visa through a prestigious service company specialized in Vietnam visa After that, you can receive Vietnam visa at international airport gates in Vietnam or Vietnamese consulates in your country. However, to apply for Vietnam visa by the second way, you need to have the approval letter on arrival.

Codes and term of Vietnam visa

  • ĐT – Issued for the foreign investors in Vietnam, with the term of not over 5 years.
  • DN – Issued for the foreigners working for enterprises in Vietnam, with the term of not over 12 months.
  • LĐ – Issued for foreign workers, with the term of not over 2 years.
  • DL – Issued for tourism visitors, with the term of not over 3 months. 

Why Nhi Gia’s service of Vietnam visa application?

  • Preparing and applying for foreigners with nationalities of Iran, Bangladesh, Sirya, etc. (which are difficult to apply for Vietnam visa)
  • Applications submitted to competent authorities are completed with high Vietnam visa approval rate of up to 98%.
  • The services are directly performed by Nhi Gia, without any intermediates parties, so the cost is very competitive.
  • We are proud to serve our customers, the large and prestigious companies who always trust and request us to provide services.
  • Giving advices and provide you with the related services such as approval letter on arrival, work permit, temporary residence card, flight pick-up, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – I want to use services provided by Nhi Gia. What are documents I need to prepare?

Answer  You need to prepare the following documents:

  • Scanning file of passport (detail page).
  • Expected date of arrival in Vietnam.
  • Expected number of days of your stay in Vietnam.
  • Place of receiving visa (Vietnamese consulates/border gates in Vietnam).
  • Sponsorship documents: Business license, seal specimen registration certificate (certified true copy).

For other documents, Nhi Gia will support to prepare and you just need to sign and seal them.

Question – What are documents I need to prepare to apply for Vietnam visa at international border gates in Vietnam?

Answer  You need to prepare the following documents:

  • Passport (with the remaining term of at least 6 months).
  • Approval letter on arrival.
  • Filling in the form according to the instructions of immigration officers at airports.
  • Submitting the visa fee at the airports according to the regulations.

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vietnam visa

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