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International driving licence

For those who frequently travel abroad for business or tourism, the international driver's license is essential, helping travelers always proactive in every journey, in their work or time management.

You want to easily drive or rent a motorbike or a car in a foreign country?

Just have an international driver’s license! Nhi Gia will support you.

What is international driving license?

International driving license is one of the certifications granted by the International Automobile Association to allow drivers to travel on the territory of different countries.

Why should you own an international driving license?

  • Easy to hire a self-drive car/motorbike abroad.
  • No need to take driver’s license test if you are about to migrate abroad.
  • International driving license can substitute for a passport at a hotel or other procedures requiring a passport.

After you have a visa, Nhi Gia would advise an international driving license to create favorable conditions for customers traveling abroad for business or tourism purpose.

Is it reliable to apply for a driver’s license with the help of Nhi Gia?

  • Simple procedure just need scan files.
  • The successful rate is more than 95% success.
  • Quick.

Note: Always have 2 driver’s license (Vietnam + international) in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – How long an international driving license is valid?

Answer – The international driving license is valid within 1 year – 3 years – 5 years – 10 years – 20 years, depending on demand, you can choose to suitable one.

Question –  International driving license can be used in the country?

Answer – The international driving license can be used across 192 countries around the world, including developed countries such as the USA, Australia, France, Russia, etc.

Question – What documents do I have to submit to Nhi Gia for an international driving license?

Answer – Nhi Gia just the documents as follows:

  • Vietnamese driving license.
  • Photo 4×6 with white background.
  • Specimen signature.
  • Personal information (address, phone number + email (if any)).
  • Passport.
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