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Temporary Residence Card

Date Create: 24/01/2018

Temporary Residence Card (also known as long-term Vietnam visa) is a residence card issued to the foreigners obtaining Work permit, investors and their foreign relatives who are living and working in Vietnam.

Temporary residence card

Documents for temporary residence card application

  • Written request from the sponsoring agencies, organizations or individuals (Form NA6)
  • Sponsorship letter for temporary residence card application (Form NA7)
  • Declaration of temporary residence card application with photo (Form NA8)
  • Declaration of temporary residence for foreigners (Form KB)

BENEFITS of temporary residence card holder?

  • TO BE ENTITLED TO a long stay in Vietnam.
  • TO BE ENTITLED TO cost-saving for visa extension.
  • TO BE ENTITLED TO convenience when making other procedures and applying for other papers.

Difficulties when self-applying for temporary residence card?

  • Taking time for preparing documents.
  • Facing language barriers.
  • Being rejected when not meeting the requirements of the immigration agencies.
  • Complicated procedures of temporary residence card

Why you should choose Nhi Gia to make your temporary residence card application?

  • We usually update the new regulations on temporary residence card.
  • We have many experiences in making applications for various cases.
  • We can solve the emergency situations.
  • Cost and time effective for customers.
  • Free consultancy on the issues related to temporary residence card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – How long is the term of temporary residence card?

Answer The term of temporary residence card is at least 30 days shorter than remaining term of passport. For temporary residence card with LĐ code (granted to the foreigners working in Vietnam), the term shall not over 2 years. 

Question – Can the term of temporary residence card be extended when it is expired?

Answer  Foreigners with the expired temporary residence card shall be considered to be granted with a new card. 

Question – What should I do if the temporary residence card is lost?

Answer  In case of loss of the temporary residence card, you should submit the same application as one for new temporary residence card together with the loss explanation letter or written loss report of the sponsoring company.

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 Temporary residence card

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