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Children’s birth certificate

Date Create: 24/01/2018

Similar to the registration of marriage, divorce involving foreign elements, births registration for foreign parents’ children is also subject to special legal application.

You want to get a birth certificate for children in Vietnam?

You do not know where to start? Nhi Gia will support you.

Who to perform

Children born in Vietnam:

  • Parent is foreigners and presently domiciled in Ho Chi Minh City or other Province in Vietnam;
  • Mother is foreigner reside in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam and father is Vietnamese citizens reside overseas;
  • Father or mother is Vietnamese citizens presently domiciled in Vietnam and the other one is foreigner presently domiciled in Vietnam or overseas;
  • Mother is Vietnamese citizens presently domiciled in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam and father is foreigner reside overseas;
  • Parent is Vietnamese citizens but one of them is foreigner (holding foreign passport) and the other one is a Vietnamese citizen residing in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietnam.

Where to submit application for birth certificate?

At present, City Justice Department has handed over civil status processing to the Judicial Office of the District People’s Committee belongs to provinces/cities where one of the parents residing.

Processing time for making birth certificates

It can take 1-2 days to receive the results from the date of submitting to the District People’s Committee (if the file comprises of all documents as required in regulation).

Documents need to be prepared

Document must be submitted:

  • Original birth certificate or other proof of birth certificate;
  • The agreement choosing nationality in the case of father or mother choosing a foreign nationality for their child which is certified by the competent State body of the country where they reside;
  • The agreement choosing nationality must be consular authenticated (further details on Nhi Gia’s Consular Authentication Service) and translated into Vietnamese (further details on Nhi Gia’s Translation Service).

Document must be presented:

  • Parent’s Marriage Certificate (if any);
  • Identify Card and Passport;
  • Household Registration Booklet or Temporary Residence Registration Booklet (for Vietnamese citizens reside in Vietnam);
  • Permanent Resident Card or Temporary Resident Card (further details on Nhi Gia’s Temporary Resident Card) or Temporary Resident Certificate (for foreigners reside in Vietnam).

Choosing Nhi Gia’s Service to register a birth certificate for your child

  • Regularly update new regulations about registering birth certificates for children with foreign elements.
  • Providing legal advice, right cases.
  • Supporting customer to prepare the completed application follow the relevant agency’s requirements and this is true on a case-by-case basis so that it does not take too much time.
  • Package management services include translation services, notarization, document authentication.
  • We experienced in many different type of document.
  • Handling emergency situations.
  • Saving strength and time of customers.
  • If the registration is fails we will refund 100% fee.
  • Transparency and no expenses incurred.
  • Receiving and delivering documents, papers in customers.

Frequently asked questions

Question – We didn’t register for our marriage so can we apply for Birth Certificate for my child?

Answer  Yes you can. Because your spouse is a foreigner and you are Vietnamese and has not yet registered for your marriage, you must go through the parent ship certification procedure (if the father with foreign nationality) after that, we will carry out birth registration procedures for children born out of wedlock and foreigner elements.

Question – We don’t have Marriage Certificate so can I fill in father’s information of Birth Certificate?

Answer  Yes, you can. Provided that the father must be present when carry out parent ship certification procedure combined with registering the birth together foreign elements and required fill in father information.

Question – Does my child have a foreign name on Vietnamese birth certificate?

Answer – Yes.

At Point c, Clause 1, Section III of Circular No. 1/2008/TT-BTP dated 2 June 2008, guiding the implementation some provisions on Decree No. 158/2005/ND-CP dated 27 December 2005 of the Government on civic status registration and management has provided specific guidelines for civil status registration with foreign elements. Accordingly, in cases parent chooses Vietnamese nationality to their child, the child’s name is the Vietnamese name (for example: Nguyen Thien An) or Vietnamese name combined with foreign name (Example: Nguyen Thien Annie) base on parent’s choice.

Question – We didn’t register for our marriage and our child was born in Vietnam so can they possesses foreign nationality?

Answer  Accordance with the provisions at Article 16 of Vietnamese Nationality Law, the child will possesses Vietnamese nationality if theirs parent have agreement consent for the child possesses Vietnamese nationality. Whether or not the child possesses a foreign nationality depends on the law of the country of which the child’s parents are citizens.

Question – Time for applying Birth Certificate and birth registration obligation?

Answer  Within 60 days, from the date child was born, parent take responsibility for applying Birth Certificate; In the case parent can do that, grandfather, grandmother or relatives on behalf parent apply for Birth Certificate.

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