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Vietnam visa extension

Date Create: 28/11/2019

Vietnam visa extension is for a foreigner who already has a Vietnam visa, is currently residing in Vietnam and wants to stay in Vietnam to travel, visit relatives and work when the visa expires. In this case, he/she must apply for visa extension.

Vietnam visa extension is the extension of the current visa, extending the validity term of Vietnam visa stated in the current visa. The visa extension term can be from 01 month to 03 months and the visa can be extended multiple times.

vietnam visa extension 

Why should you apply for Vietnam visa extension?

As you may know, any citizen of a country who wants to go to another country must have a visa and if he/she wants to stay in that country longer, he/she has to extend the visa. And the foreigners who want to stay in Vietnam to travel, do business or get married are required to extend the visa. If the Vietnam visa expires, the holder will be fined or even deported and banned from entering Vietnam within the period prescribed by law.

Requirements to vietnam visa extension

To extend the visa, it must be a visa that can be extended and the passport holder who wants to extend visa must be eligible for visa extension according to the law.

Types of visas allowed to be extended

Types of visas that are allowed to be extended such as: Foreigners coming to Vietnam for the purpose of traveling, visiting relatives, working in a short or long term, etc. can be extended for a period from 1 to 3 months and can be extended multiple times.

Additionally, the foreigner working in Vietnam can apply for extension of visas with DN, LĐ and ĐT codes. They are:

  • Visa with DN code – Issued for the foreigners working for enterprises in Vietnam
  • Visa with LĐ code – Issued for the foreigners working in Vietnam
  • Visa with ĐT code – Issued for the foreign investors in Vietnam and foreigner lawyers practicing in Vietnam.

The enterprises/organizations with foreign workers can apply for visa extension for their foreign workers for a term of not over 1 year.

Vietnam visa extension application

The documents prepared for Vietnam visa extension includes:

  • Original passport (with the remaining term of at least 06 months),
  • 2 4 x 6 photos with white background,
  • Information of the sponsoring agencies/organizations (if any),
  • Entry time
  • Work permit or work permit exemption letter in the case of visas with DN, LĐ codes; Investment Certificate, Certificate of Business Registration in the case of visas with ĐT code.

Why shouldn’t you apply for the Vietnam visa extension by yourself?

  • Vietnam visa extension requires many complicated documents.
  • The regulations on visa or Vietnam visa extension may change constantly, so it is required to have the knowledge of laws to apply for it.
  • When submitting the application, you must prepare carefully and have a reasonable explanation to the State officials about your application

To create the most favorable for the foreign workers as well as company, you can use our Vietnam visa extension service.

Where do I can apply vietnam visa extension?

With more than 10 years of experience in providing services to the foreign citizens: Visa, work permit, temporary residence card, investment services, etc., Nhi Gia is a trusted partner for you to extend the Vietnam visa.

In order to ensure the rights and benefits of legal residence of foreigners in Vietnam, the time and legal procedures for Vietnam visa extension must be guaranteed. If you are a foreigner or his/her relatives, sponsoring agencies/organizations, please pay attention to the visa term stated in the passport. Always make sure that the visa for foreigners in Vietnam is always legal with valid term.

In case of any issues related to visas that may affect the rights and interests of foreigners, please contact us for specific advice.

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vietnam visa extension

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