Vietnam multiple entry visa for foreigners

Date Create: 20/11/2023

Foreigners who wish to enter Vietnam based on their purpose should choose the appropriate type of visa and consider whether they need a multiple entry visa. So what is a multiple entry visa and how is it different from a single entry? Please read this article for reference!

What is a Vietnam multiple entry visa?

Vietnam multiple entry visa allows foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam many times during the visa’s duration.

Duration of each multiple entry visa

The duration of each multiple entry visa (based on the visa’s symbol) includes:

  • 1-month multiple entry visa;
  • 3-month multiple entry visa;
  • 6-month multiple entry visa;
  • 1-year multiple entry visa;
  • 2-year multiple entry visa;
  • 5-year multiple entry visa (5-year visa exemption).

Can the applicants change the purpose of multiple entry visa?

Notice that, the applicants can NOT change the entry purpose of multiple entry visa, except:

  1. The applicants have papers to prove that they are the investor or the representative of a foreign organization in Vietnam (following Vietnam Law).
  2. The applicants have papers proving the relationship as father, mother, wife, husband, or child with the inviting or guarantor;
  3. the applicants are invited or guaranteed to work in Vietnam by an agency or organization. Have a Work Permit or certification that it is not eligible for a work permit following the labor law;
  4. Enter with an electronic visa and have a work permit or confirm that you are not eligible for a work permit in accordance with the labor law.


If the applicants change their entry purpose, the new visa which has the appropriate symbol and duration with the purpose will be issued.

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The difference between multiple entry visa and single entry visa

The biggest difference between multiple entry and single entry visas is the number of entries.

  • With a multiple entry visa, it is not limited by the number of entries and exits. You can leave Vietnam as many times as you want but within the duration of your visa.
  • With a single entry visa, one is only allowed to enter and exit once. After exiting Vietnam, your visa will be no longer valid. If you want to continue to enter Vietnam, you need to apply for a new visa.

What documents are necessary when applying for a multiple entry visa?

Below are some necessary papers when applying for Vietnam multiple entry visa:

  1. Vietnam multiple entry visa application form for foreigners
  2. Passport valid for at least 6 months
  3. Vietnam Approval Entry Letter is issued by the Immigration Department, guaranteed by:
  • Foreign relatives in Vietnam (for visiting relatives)
  • Company / Enterprise or organization in Vietnam guarantees (commercial, working, investment purposes, ...)
  • Travel agency (for sightseeing and tourism purposes)
  • School/Educational institution (for study abroad purposes),...
  1. Some papers according to the case of the dossier, the nationality of the foreigner.

*Note: For foreigners who have visa exemption according to Vietnam regulations, they don’t need to present an approval entry letter.

Vietnam multiple entry visa fees

You can capture the State fee for multiple entry visa to Vietnam according to the update table below (according to Circular No. 25/2021/TT-BTC):


Type of visa

Mandatory Fee

Visa types with validity of no more than 03 months
(3-month multiple entry visa)

50 USD

Visa types with validity from more than 3 to 6 months  

(over 3 - 6 months multiple entry visa)

95 USD

Visa types with validity from more than 06 months to 12 months
(6 months - 1-year multiple entry visa)

135 USD

Visa types with validity from 12 months to 02 years

 (1 - 2 years multiple entry visa)

145 USD

Visa types with validity from over 02 years to 05 years

 (2 - 5 years multiple entry visa)

155 USD

Visas for people under 14 years old

 (Regardless of duration)

25 USD


>> Otherwise, you can refer to the  multiple entry visa service fee for on a case-by-case basis via the hotline [+84] 1900 6654.

Should I apply for Vietnam multiple entry visa by myself?

The procedure for a multiple entry visa is quite complicated, because:

  • You must understand and prepare all the necessary documents for each specific purpose of entry.
  • Waste of time traveling and waiting at the immigration office.
  • Understand the laws and legal procedures in the visa application process.
  • Must explain carefully to state officials about the dossier.

If you are not confident about applying for a multiple entry visa or do not have time to prepare documents, using a visa service is the most reasonable option.

Applying for Vietnam multiple entry visa service in Ho Chi Minh City

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