DT3 visa procedure (Investor visa) for foreign investors

Date Create: 29/11/2023

For each different level of capital contribution, foreign investors will be granted Investor visa with corresponding symbols. So what are the requirements for the Investor DT3 visa? Specifically:

Who is eligible for the DT3 visa?

The Law on Supplementing and Amending the Immigration Law No. 51/2019/QH14 stipulates that a Vietnam Investor visa with the symbol DT3 (referred to as DT3 visa for short) is “issued to foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of the organization investing in Vietnam with a contributed capital of between 3 billion VND and under 50 billion VND.”

Thus, foreign investors with a contribution of 3 billion to less than 50 billion will be granted an investment visa with the symbol DT3. In addition, foreign investors holding DT3 visa will be considered for Temporary Residence Card with the same symbol as the visa.

Duration of DT3 visa

The Investor DT3 visa will have a duration of 3 years at maximum. That means, investors will be considered for a single or multiple entry visa with a maximum duration of 3 years.

*Note: The duration of the granted DT3 visa will have a duration of at least 30 days shorter than the passport validity.

Investors want to stay in Vietnam for a long time can carry out the following procedures: apply for a temporary residence card with symbol DT3 (duration not exceeding 3 years), change visa purposes, extend Vietnam visa, etc.

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What are DT3 visa conditions?

To get a Vietnam visa under the DT3 category, foreign investors must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a passport or international travel document that is still valid as prescribed
  • To be invited or guaranteed by agencies, organizations, and individuals in Vietnam
  • Have not been banned to enter the country
  • Have documents that prove the investment in Vietnam following the provisions of the Law on Investment (Business license, certification of investment status from the competent authority in Vietnam)

What documents does the DT3 visa include?

The investor must the conditions mentioned in the above section, the foreigner prepares DT3 visa documents following the instructions:

Before carrying out the DT3 visa procedure, the guarantor needs to complete the procedure for applying for a guarantee letter (approval entry letter) for investment purposes at the Vietnam Immigration Department. After receiving the official result, the visa stamping procedure will be carried out at the Vietnamese Embassy or at the international airport.

Dossier to apply for an entry letter for investment purposes:

  • Copy of investor's passport
  • Application form for issuance of approval entry letter to foreigners entering Vietnam - NA2 Form 
  • Application for registration of seal sample and signature from the representative of the enterprise in Vietnam - NA16 Form 
  • Certificate of business seal registration
  • Certificate of operation of the guarantee company (business license, investment registration certificate, ...)
  • And other documents at the request of the Immigration Department (if any)

Dossier to apply for/paste DT3 visa 

  • Visa application form according to regulations - NA1 Form 
  • The investor's original passport has at least 2 blank pages
  • 02 photos of size 4x6cm with white background
  • Copy of Approval Entry Letter for Investment Purposes

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DT3 visa costs for foreign investors

Currently, the Investor DT3 visa fees have many different levels depending on the duration of the visa. Based on the visa duration and the number of entries, the investor needs to pay the corresponding granting fee. Specifically:

  • 1-month single entry DT3 visa, 3-month single entry DT3 visa 25 USD
  • DT3 Visa with validity of no more than 03 months (multiple-entry) 50 USD
  • DT3 Visa with validity from more than 3 to 6 months (multiple-entry) 95 USD
  • DT3 Visa with validity from more than 06 months to 12 months (multiple-entry) 135 USD
  • DT3 Visa with validity from 12 months to 02 years (multiple-entry) 145 USD
  • DT3 Visa with validity from over 02 years to 05 years (multiple-entry) 155 USD

Processing time of DT3 visa for investment purposes

Normally, an Investor DT3 visa will be issued within 5 working days (maximum 7-10 days) since the Immigration Department/Consulate of Vietnam receives the valid dossier. 

Notice: During the process, the Immigration Department may request the guarantor and the foreigner to edit and supplement the dossier. This may prolong the visa processing time.

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Above is all the information about the Vietnam Investor DT3 visa that Nhi Gia wants to share with you. Hopefully, with this guideline, you will successfully get a Vietnam visa under the DT3 investment category.

Applying for an Investor visa is known to be one of the more complicated procedures. Requires guarantors and foreigners to provide various documents to prove the purpose of lawful entry.

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