How much does it cost to extend Vietnam visa for foreigners?

Date Create: 25/11/2020

Vietnam visa extension fee is a top concern for foreigners and agencies sponsoring foreigners when they come to Vietnam. To know the cost of visa extension, Nhi Gia would like to provide the most basic information about the state fee, the factors related to the cost of visa extension for foreigners.

Vietnam visa extension fees as prescribed

When extending a visa, the foreigner or the sponsoring individual/organization should pay a visa extension fee equivalent to the fee for granting a new visa. Specifically, the state fees for different types of visas are specified in the Circular No. 219/2016/TT-BTC dated November 10, 2016 regulating the rates, collection regime, payment, management and use of costs and fees in the fields of exit, entry, transit and residence in Vietnam.

Visa type


Single-entry visa

USD 25

Multiple-entry visa

Valid for up to 3 months: USD 50

Valid for 3-6 months: USD 95

Valid for 6-12 months: USD 135

Valid for 1-2 years: USD 145

Valid for 2-5 years: USD 155

Visas granted to persons under 14 years old (regardless of validity term)

USD 25

Extension of temporary residence term


Note: The fees of extending Vietnam visa for foreigners as prescribed is the state fee only. This is a fee that must be paid when we carry out the visa extension procedures for foreigners in Vietnam.

Agency collecting the Vietnam visa extension fees

According to the regulations, Vietnam visa extension fees can be paid at one of the following agencies:

+ Vietnam Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City;

+ Immigration Offices of provinces and municipalities.

Case of exemption from paying the Vietnam visa extension fee

According to the Circular No. 219/2016/TT-BTC dated November 10, 2016, the fees in the fields of exit, entry, transit, and residence in Vietnam will be exempt in the following cases:

  1. Guests (including their spouses, children) individually invited by the Party, the State, the Government or the National Assembly or leaders of the Party, the State, the Government or the National Assembly.
  2. Officials and employees of foreign diplomatic missions, consular agencies and representative offices of international organizations in Vietnam and their family members (spouses and children under 18 years old), regardless of passport type, for non-Vietnamese citizen and non-permanent residence in Vietnam, it is not required to pay fees based on the principle of reciprocity.
  3. Exemption under an international treaty which Vietnam has signed or acceded to or on the principle of reciprocity.
  4. Foreigners entering Vietnam to provide relief work or humanitarian assistance to Vietnamese organizations and individuals.

In the above exemption cases, the collecting agency must stamp “GRATIC” (means “Exempted”) on the issued documents.

How is the cost of Vietnam visa extension calculated?

The actual cost of Vietnam visa extension depends on the state fee for the type of visa to be extended and the visa extension period.

In addition, there are arisen costs to prepare documents. If the documents are from foreign countries, they will need to be translated, printed and legalized and it will take time to travel and wait for document processing at the Immigration Agency.

Service fees of Vietnam visa extension for foreigners

Instead of spending time and effort to self-apply for a Vietnam visa extension, the foreigners should use the reputable and full-package visa extension services. The visa extension service providers have experience in preparing documents as well as implementing accurate steps to apply for the extension, which will save you time and cost.

Regarding the visa extension service fees, it will be calculated based on the current state fee plus the fees that the company pays to directly assist customers in processing the application quickly and travel to carry out the procedures at the state agencies.

If you need to learn more about the cost of Vietnam visa extension and visa extension service fee at Nhi Gia Company, please contact us immediately via hotline 1900 6654 or click on Our team of specialists will answer all of your questions!

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