Conditions for Vietnam visa extension – full information for all cases

Date Create: 28/01/2021

Vietnam visa extension is a procedure that must be carried out when the visa is about to expire, and the foreigners wish to continue to stay in Vietnam. In order to extend the visa, the foreigners must meet certain conditions as required by the Immigration Authority. So what are the conditions for visa extension for foreigners?

General conditions for visa extension for all cases

To extend the visas, firstly, foreigners should meet the following basic conditions:

+ Valid passport with the remaining term of over 06 months.

+ The current visa type must be right for the purpose of use.

+ Must have the certificate of temporary residence registration issued by the local police of the temporary residence.

+ During the period of temporary residence in Vietnam, the foreigners must strictly comply with the laws of Vietnam.

In addition to the basic visa extension requirements above, each different type of visa will have corresponding visa extension conditions.

Conditions for employment visa extension

For Vietnam employment visas with the codes of LD1 and LD2, their maximum validity shall not exceed 12 months. To extend this type of visa, the foreigners need to have the following additional documents:

+ Work permit or certificate of work permit exemption in Vietnam.

+ Must be sponsored by agencies or organizations in Vietnam: the legal documents of the sponsoring units shall be provided.

Conditions for investment visa extension

Vietnam investment visa has 4 types with the codes of DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4. This type of visa is granted to foreign investors who choose Vietnam market as a place for development. Conditions to apply for extension of investment visa include:

+ Legal documents of companies, organizations and enterprises including: Business registration certificate, seal specimen registration certificate, introduction letter, etc.

+ Documents proving foreigner is an investor: Investment certificate or business registration certificate showing the capital contributors.

Conditions for extension of visa for visiting relatives

Vietnam visa for visiting relatives has the codes of TT or VR. The maximum validity is up to 12 months. Conditions for applying for extension of visa for visiting relatives include:

In case the foreigners are the spouses, or children under 18 years old of the foreigners working in Vietnam:

+ Legal documents of the sponsoring company where the foreigners work in Vietnam: Business registration certificate, investment certificate or certificate of representative office establishment;

+ Valid passport, temporary resident card/visa and work permit of foreigners working in Vietnam;

+ Documents proving the relationship between foreigners working in Vietnam and their sponsored relatives: Marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.

In case the foreigners are the spouses, or children of Vietnamese citizens and come to Vietnam for the purpose of visiting relatives:

+ ID papers of relatives who are Vietnamese citizens;

+ Documents proving the relationship between foreigners and Vietnamese citizens: Marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.

Conditions for business visa extension

Vietnam business visa has the code of DN. The maximum validity is just 3 months, but 12 months particularly for US citizens. For extension of this type of visa, the foreigners need to submit the following additional documents:

+ Operation license of enterprises and organizations such as business registration certificate, investment license, representative office, etc.

+ Certificate or notice of using the seal of the enterprises or organizations.

+ Written introduction with signature or seal of the authorized person at the enterprises or organizations sponsoring the foreign workers.

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