What is special about the health certificate in the application for work permit?

Date Create: 06/07/2021

Health certificate is a compulsory document in the application for Vietnam work permit for foreigners. A health certificate is required to apply for a work permit. It must be valid for 12 months from the date of health examination conclusion to the date of submitting the application.

Requirements for the contents of health certificate in the application for work permit

According to the Circular No. 14/2013/TT-BYT about Guidelines for medical examination, cases of medical examination with foreign elements including medical examination to apply for a work permit for foreigners in Vietnam or for Vietnamese to apply for working, studying and living abroad.

Contents of general health examination as prescribed by the Ministry of Health are as follows:

  • Physical examination: measuring height, weight, calculating BMI, measuring pulse, measuring blood pressure, etc.
  • Clinical examination: general internal examination (circulation, respiratory, digestive, renal, urinary, musculoskeletal, neurological, psychiatric examination), surgical examination, obstetric and gynecologic examination (for women), ophthalmic examination, ear, nose and throat examination, oral and maxillofacial examination, dermatology examination.
  • Paraclinical examination including blood count test, blood biochemistry test, urinalysis, X-ray examination, etc.

In addition, the contents of health examination also have additional paraclinical techniques, including:

  • Blood tests: test for ABO blood group, Rh blood group, hemoglobin test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate test, blood urea test;
  • Test for malaria parasites in the blood;
  • Test for hepatitis A, B, C, E;
  • Syphilis serology test;
  • HIV positive test;
  • Mantoux test;
  • Pregnancy test;
  • Drug test;
  • Stool test for parasites;
  • ECG;
  • EEG;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Diagnostic test for leprosy.

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Nhi Gia supports the service package of work permit application for foreigners

Application for work permits for foreigners requires a lot of complicated documents. Moreover, new regulations on work permits change frequently. Therefore, to apply for work permits, the enterprises need time to find information and carry out procedures with the state competent agencies.

To help enterprises reduce the legal procedures, Nhi Gia provides a saving-cost package of work permit services:

+ Giving free consultation on procedures and conditions related to work permits.

+ Preparing necessary forms and explanatory documents to apply for a written approval to employ foreign workers.

+ Preparing application for certificate of criminal record for foreigners.

+ Advising and supporting to schedule medical examination appointments in Vietnam.

+ Doing translation, notarization and consular legalization of documents from abroad.

+ Carrying out procedures at state competent agencies on behalf of customers.

+ Receiving results and offering the door-to-door delivery services (no area limit).

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