Medical shuttle bus service to transfer from the place of entry to the quarantine hotel

Date Create: 17/07/2021

Nhi Gia provides medical shuttle bus services to transfer from the place of entry: the international airport, the road border gate to the quarantine hotel. Means of transportation for quarantine should comply with regulations under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. In addition, Nhi Gia also provides full immigration support for foreigners and Vietnamese returning home.

Requirements for means of transportation from the place of entry to the quarantine hotel

The organization of transportation of experts from the place of entry to the place of quarantine and during their stay in Vietnam by their own means to ensure the requirements for personal protection, hygiene and disinfection are as follows:

  • Require drivers, private service teams and people on entry to wear masks during travel.
  • Arrange hand sanitizer solution on the car near the door for experts to disinfect their hands before getting in the car and during travel.
  • Record the log of travel schedules; make sure to follow the previously given schedule and report specifically to the district health center daily
  • Carry out cleaning and disinfection of vehicles transporting people on entry.

Regulations on medical quarantine at quarantine hotels

Person being quarantined must strictly follow the regulations on medical quarantine as follows:

  1. Quarantine at room: limit leaving the room, limit direct contact with other people in the quarantine subdivision. If you are forced to leave the room, you must wear a mask and keep a distance of at least 2 meters from others.
  2. Do not arbitrarily leave the quarantine subdivision and the hotel.
  3. Do not organize crowded games in the quarantine subdivision. Do not gather to talk to other quarantined people.
  4. Wear a mask when in direct contact with others. Do not spit indiscriminately.
  5. Regularly wash your hands with soap and clean water at the following times: Before eating, after going to the toilet, after coughing, sneezing, dirty hands, etc. Encourage to wash dishes, personal belongings by themselves, ensure hygiene in the room.
  6. Put the garbage in a sealed bag and put it in the trash can located in the hallway in front of the room door for daily collection at a fixed time.
  7. Get clean clothes left in the hallway in front of the room at a fixed time. Fabrics that need to be washed (clothes, duvet covers, pillow covers, etc.) are put in sealed bags in the hallway in front of the room for daily collection.
  8. Regularly open windows (if any) for ventilation. Limit turning on the air conditioner.
  9. Self-monitor your health and notify the hotel reception or medical staff as soon as having one of the symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing and other symptoms.
  10. Food is provided according to the hotel's menu at a fixed time of the day. Do not serve food at the request of the quarantined person unless there is a dietary recommendation from a medical officer.
  11. The hotel only delivers supplies to the quarantined person once a day at a fixed time.

Note: Passengers entering Vietnam, at the area where medical staff is conducting checks and tests and assisting with immigration procedures. Passengers with negative results will be taken to the hotel for quarantine for 14 days according to the new regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Medical shuttle bus service to take you from the quarantine place to the quarantine hotel

In addition to emergency entry services for foreigners and Vietnamese returning to Vietnam, Nhi Gia also provides retail medical vehicle services to meet the needs of moving from the place of entry to the quarantine hotel.

The medical vehicle service supports transportation with a team of caring medical staff, the vehicle is completely disinfected to ensure compliance with the disease prevention principles of the Vietnam Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control.

Entry services package for foreigners and Vietnamese:

  • Official approval letter from the Government on the entry.
  • Official approval letter from the Provincial/City People's Committee.
  • Air tickets from abroad to Vietnam.
  • Living room for 7-days quarantine upon request.
  • Medical vehicle to pick up passengers from the place of entry to the quarantine hotel.

Please contact us immediately via hotline 84 1900 6654 or to learn more about emergency immigration services as well as medical vehicle services. With a reputation of 15 years of active professional practice, Nhi Gia commits to customers about service quality.

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