Entry services package for foreigners entering Vietnam

Date Create: 20/03/2021

Currently, the procedure of supporting for foreigners entering Vietnam is becoming a major concern of many businesses. The process changes and complicated administrative procedures, or requirements for air tickets, and quarantine plan for experts after entry are also causing many difficulties for businesses in Vietnam.

Understanding these difficulties, Nhi Gia provides the fastest and most economical method for foreigners to enter Vietnam.

Foreigners who are allowing to enter Vietnam

During the epidemic, foreigners entering Vietnam to work, invest and go on a business trip (collectively referred to as experts and investors) must fall into the following subjects:

+ Experts.

+ Skilled labor, investors.

In addition, there are other foreigners permitted to enter Vietnam during the epidemic, including:

+ Relatives of foreign experts.

+ International pupils and students.

Application for foreigners entering Vietnam

Currently, the requirements of the Vietnam entry procedures for foreigners have become much stricter and more complicated than before. Accordingly, to enter Vietnam, businesses inviting or sponsoring foreigners must prepare many types of documents and intermediate steps to ensure proper medical procedures and quarantine as prescribed. An entry application for a foreigner must contain the following documents:

  1. An approval letter of the People's Committee of the province/city where the enterprise wishing to invite or guarantee foreigners to enter Vietnam with suitable purposes is located.
  2. The entry approval letter of the Vietnam Immigration Department approving for foreigners to enter Vietnam for the right purpose.
  3. The Health Department’s written approval on the pick-up procedures and quarantine plan at the assigned hotels with charge.
  4. Confirmation of hotel reservation where foreigners register for quarantine and specialized medical shuttle bus for picking-up the expert.
  5. Confirmation of negative results for SARS-CoV-2 test implemented 72 hours prior to travel date.
  6. The valid international insurance contract or the inviting or guaranteeing company must commit to pay all medical expenses for the foreigner if the foreigner is positive for Covid-19.

Entry services package for foreigners entering Vietnam

To make it easier for the domestic businesses and foreigners to enter Vietnam as fast as possible, Nhi Gia Company is providing an entry services package for foreigners. With this services package, you may be completely assured about the foreigners’ entry into Vietnam in the current complicated epidemic situation. We will act on your behalf and fulfill all the entry procedures from A to Z:

  1. Obtaining a written approval from the People’s Committee of the province or city for the entry;
  2. Applying for an entry approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department;
  3. Booking air tickets: Support and advise the best flight ticket booking from abroad to Vietnam;
  4. Hotel reservation and quarantine plan: Submit a 14-day quarantine plan to the quarantine center and support for quarantine hotel reservations;
  5. Medical shuttle bus from airport to quarantine hotel: Book a medical shuttle bus to pick up foreigners from the airport to the quarantine hotel.

Why should you choose the entry services for foreigners of Nhi Gia?

+ Having more than 15 years of experience in the immigration field to effectively handle each specific case.

+ Providing the most economical and reasonable cost of the services package.

+ Applying the closed working process, minimizing time and effort.

+ Ensuring the transparency from the phrase of quotation to contract signing.

+ Ensuring the absolute confidentiality of business information.

If you wish to learn more about the services package as well as the quotation of entry services for foreigners, contact us via the call center +84 1900 6654 or +84 0906 736 788 or send email to info@nhigia.vn. Our team of specialists will provide you with free consultation!

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