Certificate of 5-year Vietnam visa exemption

Date Create: 28/06/2021

The certificate of 5-year Vietnam visa exemption only allows the holder to stay up to 6 months per entry. It is a document that is valid for entry into and exit from Vietnam and is issued to foreigners of Vietnamese origin or foreigners who are spouses or children of Vietnamese citizens residing abroad.

The certificate of visa exemption is valid for up to 05 years and the validity term is at least 06 months shorter than the remaining validity term of the passport or permanent residence document issued by a foreign country.

What is a Vietnam 5-year visa exemption certificate? Issued objects

Vietnam 5-year visa exemption certificate or 5-year multiple-entry visa allows people to enter Vietnam for purposes of visiting relatives, and solving personal problems.

Its function is the same as its name. A 5-year exemption certificate is a long-term visa that allows people to enter for a number of entries and is issued to:

  1. Vietnamese are residing abroad (foreigners of Vietnamese ancestry, people who don’t have Vietnamese passports);
  2. Or foreigners who are spouses, or children of Vietnamese citizens are residing abroad.

5-year multiple-entry visa is issued in a passport; however, the cases below will be granted separately:

  • The passport is out of blank;
  • Passport of the country that has no diplomatic relations with Vietnam
  • Papers are valid for international travel
  • Following the requirements of the applicants.
  • For diplomatic, national defense, and security reasons

The duration of 5-year visa exemption certificate

Based on the regulation, the duration of the 5-year visa exemption certificate is valid for no more than 5 years and shorter than the duration of the Passport/ International travel paper. From there, you should prepare a passport or alternative papers which is valid for more than 5 years to get the exemption certificate.

People who enter Vietnam by using a 5-year visa exemption certificate can stay in Vietnam for no more than 6 months per entry.  However, if the duration of the 5-year visa exemption certificate is below 6 months, you can reside in Vietnam until it expires. You can also extend it with a duration of 6 months and below if you have a perfect purpose.

Conditions to get a 5-year visa exemption certificate

  1. Have a passport or international travel papers which is still valid;
  2. Having papers proving that they are eligible for visa exemption certificates;
  3. Not falling into the cases of not allowing entry and suspending exit according to regulations.

For foreigners of Vietnamese ancestry residing abroad: Submit papers that prove that they were Vietnamese.

  • Having a foreign passport or a replacement foreign passport valid for at least 1 year;
  • OR have a permanent residence document which is issued by a foreign country (green card) and valid for at least 01 year (in case there is no passport/alternative document).

For foreigners who are spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens: Provide documents showing the relationship with Vietnamese citizens.

  • Hold a foreign passport or alternative document that is valid for at least 1 year.

5-year visa exemption certificate application

The basic application to get the 5-year visa exemption certificate includes:

  1. Application form for a visa exemption certificate - Form NA9. (Declared online and printed out)
  2. 02 4x6 photos with white background.
  3. A foreign passport or international travel document.

For Vietnamese residing abroad (Oversea Vietnamese), prepare:

  • Birth certificate or
  • Decision on renunciation of Vietnamese nationality or certificate of loss of Vietnamese nationality; or
  • Vietnam passport has expired; or
  • Identity card (still valid or expired), household registration book, citizen identity card, extract from the Ministry of birth, etc.

For spouses, children of Vietnamese citizens or Vietnamese residing abroad must add more:

The origin of relationship proof of documents:

  • Registration of marriage; or
  • Birth certificate; or
  • Certificate of father, mother, child,...; or
  • Valuable papers proving the relationship between husband, wife and other children as prescribed by law.

For people who don’t have documents proving that they are Vietnamese citizens residing abroad:

The competent Vietnamese visa-issuing agency abroad will base on the value of the applicant's papers. That paper must state that the applicant is of Vietnamese ancestry, to consider and decide on the receipt of the application.

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Procedures to apply for a certificate of 5-year visa exemption

Step 1: Prepare the required documents.

Step 2: Submit the application to the Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security or the Immigration Offices of the provinces or cities.

The immigration officer will receive documents, check the legality and contents of the application. If the application is complete and valid, he/she will print a receipt and hand it to the person submitting the application. In case the application is insufficient or invalid, the receiving officer will guide you to prepare a complete and valid application.

Time to receive and return documents: from Monday to Saturday every week (excluding holidays and New Year).

Step 3: Receive the certificate of visa exemption at the Receipt and Result Return Division at the Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security.

The receiver produces the receipt, identity card or passport to the officer who returns the results to check and compare. If there are results, the receiver is required to pay the fees and sign for confirmation.

Processing time for granting a certificate of 5-year visa exemption  

The processing time for granting a certificate of visa exemption is no more than 07 working days from the date of receipt of the complete and valid application.

Fees for granting a certificate of 5-year visa exemption

To get information about the fees for granting a certificate of 5-year visa exemption, you can call 84 1900 6654 for more details.

Service of 5-year visa exemption certificate application

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