Vietnam introduces vaccine passport form

Date Create: 24/12/2021

The Ministry of Health has issued the Decision No. 5772/QD-BYT (Decision No. 5772) on the issuance of the Form and the process of issuing the Vietnam’s Covid-19 Vaccine Passport, which will be officially come into force as from December 20, 2021. Detailed information has been updated by Nhi Gia as below:

Basic information on the vaccine passport (vaccine passport form)

Specifically, Vietnam's vaccine passport will include 11 items, including:

  1. Full name;
  2. Date of birth;
  3. Nationality;
  4. The name of the disease to which the certificate targets;
  5. Number of doses;
  6. Date of vaccination;
  7. Dose No.;
  8. Vaccines;
  9. Vaccine products;
  10. Vaccine supplier or manufacturer;
  11. Code of the certificate.

The above information will be digitally signed, encrypted and packaged as a 2D QR code. At the same time, the Decision No. 5772 also clearly states that:

  • The above information includes full name and date of birth combined with other identification documents such as ID card, Citizen ID card or passport to help identifying the holder;
  • Information about vaccines, vaccine types, vaccine suppliers or manufacturers will be displayed in correspondence with documents of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU);
  • Date of vaccination and number of doses received are to identify immunization information;
  • In addition, the QR code on the vaccine passport will expire 12 months from the initialization date.

The process of issuing vaccine passports for Vietnamese citizens

The process flowchart is as follows:

The process of issuing a vaccine passport to Vietnamese citizens consists of 3 steps as follows:

Step 1: Immunization units review, verify and authenticate information about the citizens getting vaccinated against Covid-19 vaccine.

Step 2: Immunization units will conduct “digital signing” of vaccination records on the national platform for Covid-19 vaccination management, which will be connected and share its data with the management system for certification of vaccinations against Covid-19. It’s required to meet the regulations on connecting medical data issued by the Ministry of Health.

Step 3: The Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health) digitally signs the Covid-19 vaccine certificates. The certificates are then issued using QR codes in accordance with EU regulatory standards.

Particularly for national epidemic prevention applications and other utility applications (if approved by the individual user), receive and store the Covid-19 vaccine certificates in the form of a QR code according to the guidelines for exchanging medical data issued by the Ministry of Health.

On the recognition of vaccine passports between countries

Also according to information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam is temporarily recognizing vaccination certificates of 78 countries and territories. Similarly, there are 5 countries including: Japan, USA, UK, Australia and Belarus that have recognized Vietnam vaccine passport.

In addition, a number of countries are "actively considering" this issue. Specifically:

  • India and Canada have agreed in principle;
  • ASEAN countries, the European Union (EU), China, and South Korea all actively consider Vietnam's request to recognize vaccine passports.

These partners are all waiting for Vietnam to introduce a unified vaccine passport template on an electronic authentication mechanism. Thus, the introduction of Vietnam's vaccine passport form is a condition to help speed up the mutual recognition of vaccine passports.

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