The newest Dual Citizenship procedure for Overseas Vietnamese

Date Create: 20/02/2023

In Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese can have dual citizenship. However, the applicant must meet the conditions following the procedures of Vietnam Laws. In this article, Nhi Gia will help you to know more about the procedures of Dual Citizenship for Overseas Vietnamese.

>> Detailed information:

What is Dual Citizenship?

  • Dual citizenship is the simultaneous possession of citizenship in two different nations, with all of the associated rights and obligations.
  • Dual Citizenship (US and Vietnamese nationality) is a person who possesses both US and Vietnamese. The procedure for Dual Citizenship is available when a Vietnamese settled in the US and obtained US citizenship and now desires to return to Vietnam. The individual must complete the correct processes to apply for dual citizenship. He or she desires to regain Vietnamese nationality via spending money, conducting studies, working, living, etc.

In fact,

  • Vietnamese nationality is the only one that Vietnamese citizens may claim. Vietnamese can still have dual citizenship in rare exceptional circumstances.
  • Having two citizenships is not against the law in the United States. The decision to have a second nationality is up to the person and that nation's law.

>>Overseas Vietnamese and Vietnamese in the US can have Dual Citizenship. However, this person must register dual citizenship following the procedure of Vietnamese Law.

Regulations of Vietnamese Law 

According to Clause 2, Article 13 of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008, Vietnamese who are settling abroad and still have Vietnamese nationality can:

  • Keep their Vietnamese nationality before July 1st, 2009.

The Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008 and Decree 16/2020/ND-CP apply the regulations for overseas Vietnamese that want to get their Vietnamese nationality back and keep their present nationality:

Clause 5, Article 23 of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008

Persons permitted to restore Vietnamese nationality shall renounce their foreign nationality, except for the following persons in special cases, if so permitted by the President, who:

  • Are spouses, natural parents, or natural offsprings of Vietnamese citizens;
  • Have made meritorious contributions to Vietnam’s national construction and defense;
  • Are helpful to the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Article 14 Decree 16/2020/ND-CP

In exceptional circumstances, when applying for Vietnamese nationality and keeping foreign nationality (as stipulated in Clause 5, Article 23 of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality), if all of the following requirements are met:

  1. Being eligible to return to Vietnamese nationality under the provisions of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008.
  2. Keep the foreign nationality when returning to Vietnamese nationality in accordance with the law of that country.
  3. If an individual renunciates the foreign nationality, their interests in that country will be affected. 
  4. Not using foreign nationality to harm the interests of agencies, organizations and other persons that include: security breach, national interests, Law and order society of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Who can have a new Vietnamese passport in the U.S.?

Article 21 Decree No. 78/2009/ND-CP stipulates: “From July 1, 2009, Vietnamese citizens who, for any reason, acquire foreign nationality but do not lose Vietnamese nationality will still have Vietnamese nationality.”

Nhi Gia supports overseas Vietnamese to apply for a new passport. This includes:

  1. Overseas Vietnamese have papers that are from Vietnam: Passport, Birth Certificate, and old ID card.
  2. Overseas Vietnamese have family living in Vietnam: Parents, siblings, or relatives.
  3. Overseas Vietnamese have misplaced all of their paperwork, but they have never signed a form that they renounce nationality.

Benefits when having a Vietnamese passport

Overseas Vietnamese with Dual Citizenship can have the same legal rights and advantages as American and Vietnamese citizens. Including:

  • Depending on the validity of the passport, be permitted to enter and stay in Vietnam lawfully.
  • When entering and exiting Vietnam, there is no need to apply for a visa or a temporary or permanent resident card.
  • Save money on visa extensions.
  • No need to waste time tracking the duration of the visa in Vietnam or to be worried if the visa was sent on time.
  • Save money on visas while visiting ASEAN nations such as Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar, and others.
  • Administrative processes are easy to perform: learn to drive and acquire real estate.
  • Can take the Vietnamese driver's license exam in the same way as Vietnamese citizens.

The duration for the new passport granting at the U.S.A

  1. Ordinary passports granted to people aged 14 and up, with the greatest validity of 10 years.
  2. Ordinary passports granted to people under 14 years, with the greatest validity of 5 years. The duration can be at least 2 years, or until the child reaches the age of 14.

The newest Dual Citizenship procedure


  1. Prepare paperwork and send them to the Vietnamese Consulate in the United States.
  2. The Consulate receives the application and forwards it to Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security for verification.
  3. After the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam verifies, the Consulate will issue the applicant a passport.

The application form

  1. 2 Photos 5cm × 5cm (2"x2") with a white backdrop. This photo can be taken at home without glasses.
  2. Proof documents for legal residency in the US: Photo of US Passport / Green Card (2 sides) / ID card; driver's license; I-94 permanent resident; I-20 for international students, etc.
  3. Identity proof relationship with your spouse in Vietnam: birth certificate, marriage certificate, household registration, ID card, etc.
  4. Application form: passport issuance declaration, curriculum vitae, etc.

*Note: If the application for a Vietnamese passport is missing information or grounds, the Consular Office may request the applicant to provide additional necessary papers.

Processing time for the new passport granting at the U.S.A

After receiving the application, the Vietnamese Consulate in the United States will forward it to the Competent Authorities in Vietnam for identification verification. Depending on the circumstances, the application might be approved within 3 to 6 months.

>> In case, you want to be supported to complete the Dual Citizenship procedure, contact us at  [+84] 1900 6654 - [+84] 906 736 788

The fees for a new passport and Vietnamese naturalization in the U.S.A 

According to the Circular No. 264/2016/TT-BTC and Circular 113/2021/TT-BTC:

The fees for taking a new passport:

  • New passport: $70 per book (doing in the U.S.A)
  • Update Vietnamese passport: $15 per book. (doing in the U.S.A)

The fees for naturalization:

  • Vietnamese naturalization:  $250 per person.
  • To return to Vietnamese nationality: $200 per person

>> These fees are compulsory by the Consulate Office. If you want to use the Dual Citizenship service, contact us at [+84] 1900 6654 - [+84] 906 736 788. 

Nhi Gia Dual Citizenship service at Ho Chi Minh City

You can simply Email your information or contact the Hotline at [+84] 1900 6654. All surgeries will be performed by a professional from Nhi Gia with 20 years of expertise in Vietnam. the steps for citizenship for Vietnamese living abroad.

Exclusively benefits for consumers using Nhi Gia's Dual Citizenship service include:

  • Free advice on the conditions, dossier, and dual citizenship application process;
  • Support: Notarized translation, consular legalization of dual citizenship registration-related papers.
  • Complete the form for clients seeking dual citizenship registration in Vietnam.
  • Apply for dual citizenship registration at a qualified state agency on the client's behalf.
  • After being granted permission by the State agency to register for dual citizenship in Vietnam, one must consult with attorneys and complete additional legal processes.

Nhi Gia not only offers Dual Citizenship service but also offers other package services for Vietnamese and foreigners such as Temporary Residence Cards, Work Permits, Foreign Visas, Vietnam Visas, and so on. 

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