Overview of exit and entry into Vietnam in the Covid-19 pandemic period

Date Create: 07/12/2020

So far, the procedures for entering Vietnam for foreigners have been much more loosen than that in early 2020. To help businesses have the best overview of exit and entry into Vietnam during the Covid-19 epidemic period, Nhi Gia Company would like to summarize the important information in this article!

Timeline about the exit and entry into Vietnam during the Covid-19 epidemic period

  1. March 2020

+ The Prime Minister decided to suspend the granting of visas for foreigners entering Vietnam for a period of 30 days starting from 00:00 on March 18, 2020.

+ From March 20: The Government Office notified the temporary suspension of entry and granting of visas for all foreigners entering Vietnam.

  1. April 2020

+ From April 22: The Government allowed entry into Vietnam for foreigners who are investors, experts, skilled workers, and enterprise managers (experts).

  1. May 2020

+ From May 23: The Government promulgated guidance on applying for entry approval for foreign experts to enter Vietnam.

+ May 29: Allow applying for a new work permit for foreign experts.

  1. July 2020

+ July 12: Allow relatives of foreign experts to enter Vietnam.

  1. August 2020

+ August 29: Vietnamese citizens returning to Vietnam can choose the option of quarantine at hotels and pay the quarantine fee themselves.

+ September 31: Promulgate medical guidance on Covid-19 prevention and control for foreign experts who come to Vietnam to work for less than 14 days.

  1. September 2020

+ September 15: Allow reopening regular international commercial flights to 6 countries: China - Beijing; Taiwan - Taipei; Korea - Seoul; Japan - Tokyo; Laos - Vientiane; Cambodia - Phnom Penh.

+ September 20: Promulgate guidance on medical supervision for foreign experts from the epidemic well-controlled territories.

+ September 21: Allow opening international commercial flights to Thailand.

  1. October 2020

+ October 29: The Ministry of Health drafted a plan for 3 quarantine groups for passengers entering Vietnam by regular international commercial flights.

  1. November 2020

+ Early November: The Government promulgated an official plan for 3 quarantine groups for passengers entering Vietnam by regular international commercial flights.

Group 1: Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who are relatives (parents, spouses, children) of the Vietnamese citizens.

Group 2: Foreigners being experts, investors, enterprise managers, skilled workers, experts and their relatives (parents, spouses, children) who enter Vietnam to live and stay for 14 days or more; international students.

Group 3: Foreigners entering the country for diplomatic or official purposes; foreign experts working in Vietnam for less than 14 days.

In addition to the above groups, other subjects shall be approved by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

Guidance on temporary supervision of people entering Vietnam promulgated by the Ministry of Health

According to the Official Letter No. 4995/BYT-DP about the guidance on temporary supervision of people entering Vietnam, people who enter Vietnam (applicable to all the above subjects) to work for more than 14 days need to carry out the procedures before and after entry:

  1. Before entry

+ Registering the concentrated quarantine facility to conduct quarantine after entry and preparing a specific work schedule in Vietnam.

+ Preparing a confirmation (in English) of being negative for SARSCoV-2 with tests using the genetic material detection technique (ARN) of the virus (RT-PCR/RT-LAMP ...) conducted by the authorized medical agency within 3-5 days before entry.

  1. After entry

+ 1st Covid-19 test within 24 hours.

+ 2nd test on the 6th day.

If being negative both in the 1st and 2nd times, they will be transferred to the accommodation for 14-day quarantine.

+ 3rd test on the 14th day.

Above are all useful information about the exit and entry into Vietnam during the Covid-19 epidemic period. For inquiries about exit and entry information as well as entry demands for foreigners entering Vietnam, please contact Nhi Gia via hotline 1900 6654 or send a message via Facebook Fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/nhigia. Our full package of entry services to Vietnam is safe and fast for foreign experts!

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