Newest tips: Self-sufficient application for Japanese tourist visa

Date Create: 03/02/2023

Self-sufficient application for Japanese Tourist visa is not as difficult as many people think. A specific purpose and a complete & valid application is the “key” that helps you come to Japan.

Requirements for Japanese Tourist visa application

Before applying for a Japanese Tourist visa, you must prepare all the required documents as well as spend time submitting them. Documents include:

  • A passport is valid for at least 6 months.
  • A photo 4.5*4.5cm is taken no more than 3 months. 
  • A Japanese Tourist visa application (you can download the form from the website of Japanese Consulate)


  • A duplicate of the household book or birth certificate
  • Proof of occupation: Labor contract, payroll statement, letter of leave certified by the company…
  • Proof of financial documents: Copy of passbook or confirmation number such as account at least 100 million, real estate documents, car…
  • Detailed itinerary of the trip.


  • Book the hotel, and confirm the round-trip flight ticket.
  • Trip insurance.

Notice: All the papers might be changed or added more other papers depending on the requirements of the Japanese Consulate. Moreover, these papers must be notarized and translated.

Address to apply for the visa

Japanese Consulate does not accept receiving the required documents through fax or post office. You must submit the documents directly at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate or set the appointment on the website of VFS.

  • If you are temporarily staying in the North area (from Gia Lai), you can submit documents at No. 27 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
  • If you are temporarily staying in the South area (from Dak Lak), you can submit documents at 261 Dien Bien Phu, District 3, HCM.

Notice: Self-sufficient application for Japanese Tourist visa, you need to bring your identity card and queue early at the consulate for a security check. After that, you will get the order number and wait to meet the consular officer to handle the file.

How much does it cost to apply for a tourist visa to Japan?

The fees to apply for Japanese Tourist visa for each case from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023:

Type of visa

Fees (VND)

Single entry visa 


Multiple entry visa 


In addition to the visa processing fee required to be paid at the consulate, applicants wishing to apply for a Japanese tourist visa will have to pay other fees such as service fee for entrustment unit, notarized translation fees,...

>> For a package quote on the cost of a Japanese Tourist visa, please contact [+84] 1900 6654 - [+84] 906 736 788 (zalo, viber, whatsapp)

The processing time applying for Japanese Tourist visa

The processing time of this visa is 8 working days (not including Saturday, Sunday and Holiday). Depending on each case, the processing time will be longer or you will have an interview.

Tips to apply for Japanese Tourist visa 

There are many cases of visa refusal to visit Japan without knowing the reason. Here are some tips to help the self-sufficient Japanese visa pass rate.

  • Prepare the required documents and arrange them logically.
  • All the information in the document and the visa application must be matched.
  • The Japanese Consulate is increasingly tightening the problem of applying for a Japanese visa. So if the clearer and more transparent the purpose of the trip is, the more convenient it will be.
  • Always remember your travel schedule
  • You have traveled to developed countries in Europe, Australia, and the United States. This is shown in the passport.
  • There are acquaintances in Japan who work in the fields of intellectual activities with high incomes.
  • You have a high-paying and long-term job.

Above are all the latest self-sufficient Japanese tourist visa guides and tips. If you have difficulty applying for a Japanese visa or need a tourist visa urgently, quickly, please contact Nhi Gia Company via the hotline at [+84] 1900 6654. A team of experienced professionals will directly. support and answer all your questions!

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