Instruction on registering to determine Vietnamese nationality - updated 2023

Date Create: 20/02/2023

Overseas Vietnamese who do not lose their Vietnamese nationality (before July 1, 2009) and don’t have proof of citizenship, can register to determine Vietnamese nationality. The representative agency will also issue them a Vietnamese passport.

  1. Law on Vietnamese Nationality 2008.
  2. Decree 97/2014/ND-CP - Amending and supplementing some articles stipulating in detail the implementation of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality.
  3. Decree 16/2020/ND-CP - Elaborating to Law on Vietnamese Nationality.

Who can register to determine Vietnamese Nationality?

Article 27 of Decree 16/2020/ND-CP states unequivocally: "Overseas Vietnamese who have not lost their Vietnamese nationality under Vietnamese law prior to July 1, 2009 without evidence of nationality. Vietnamese nationality pursuant to the criteria of Article 11 of the Law on Vietnamese Nationality, register with the representative mission or place of residence if necessary to be decided to have Vietnamese nationality.”

*Valuable documents showing Vietnamese identity such as a birth certificate, a national ID, a Vietnam passport, a decision to naturalize/return to Vietnamese nationality, and so on.

Which agencies conduct the registration of Vietnamese Nationality?

According to Article 18 of Decree 97/2014/ND-CP (amended and supplemented by Decree 78/2009/ND-CP) the following regulations:

  • Diplomatic representative agencies, consulates, or other agencies are authorized to perform Vietnamese consular functions abroad (hereinafter referred to as the representative agencies) where requestors are residing, receive and handle requests for recognition as Vietnamese nationality and issue Vietnamese passports.
  • In the event requestors reside in a country or territory without representative agencies, dossiers may be submitted to Multi-office holding agencies or any agency considered as most convenient.

Application for Vietnamese nationality and issuance of a Vietnamese passport

  1. An application for Vietnamese Nationality must be conducted following Clause 2 Article 28 and Article 29 of Decree 16/2020/ND-CP.
  2. An application for a Vietnamese passport for the first time (after determining to have Vietnamese Nationality) must follow the rules of Articles 15 and 16 of the Law on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese Citizens

Link to download the form: 


The candidate should send the application to the following address:

  • Department of Justice in Vietnam;  
  • Representative Office the nation in which you settled.

For the regular passports: the applicant registers to determine Vietnamese Nationality without granting a passport. After recording in the book of identification of Vietnamese nationality, the representative mission will issue an extracted document according to regulations.

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How long will I receive the certificate?

The Embassy will provide a certificate of Vietnamese Nationality within 5 -10 working days. However, this is an estimated time, the time to verify and issue a certificate of Vietnamese nationality may take longer than expected.

Registering for consultation and assistance 

If you have any questions relating to the application, procedures,... call Nhi Gia for direct consultation from the legal experts.

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