How to apply for a Vietnam DT2 visa

Date Create: 21/11/2023

Next to DT1 Visa, Investor DT2 visa are issued to foreign investors/representatives of foreign organizations in Vietnam who have a capital contribution value from 50 billion VND to under 100 billion VND, OR invest in industries decided by the Government. Conditions to be granted a Vietnam investor DT2 visa as well as the required documents, please see below:

Conditions to apply for a Vietnam DT2 visa

According to the provisions of Article 10 of Law No. 47/2014/QH13, the conditions for visa issuance are as follows:

  1. Foreigners must have a Passport or a valid international travel document.
  2. Foreigners are invited or guaranteed by agencies, organizations, and individuals in Vietnam.
  3. Foreigners are not allowed to enter the country.
  4. Documents proving the investment in Vietnam according to the Law on Investment: Certificate of investment registration, Certificate of registration of foreign-invested enterprises, etc.

Duration of Investor DT2 visa

Vietnam Investor DT2 Visa will be valid for no more than 5 years. For DT2 visa, foreign investors can apply for a Temporary Residence Card with the same symbol and the duration is not more than 5 years.

Note: The visa validity will be shorter than the validity of your passport/or international travel document. The duration is at least 30 days.

In case, the DT2 visa is about to expire, foreign investors still want to stay in Vietnam. The way to legally stay in Vietnam is:

  • Change of visa purposes
  • Apply for Vietnam visa extension

For advice on application procedures according to individual needs, please contact [+84] 1900 6654 or leave information below.

Vietnam DT2 visa

Vietnam DT2 visa

Procedures to apply for a Vietnam visa for foreigners

  1. Organizations and enterprises that invite or guarantee foreigners shall submit dossiers of application for issuance of the Approval Entry Letter at the Immigration Department of the locality where they are headquartered.
  2. Within 5-7 working days from the date of receiving the complete and valid dossier, the Immigration Department will consider the request of the inviting and guaranteeing unit in Vietnam:
  • In case of approval: The Immigration Department will issue an Approval Entry Letter for foreign investors. At the same time, they will send a notice to the diplomatic missions of Vietnam in foreign countries or international border gates where foreigners are granted visas.
  • In case of refusal: The guarantee agency must find the reason and prepare the dossier according to regulations.
  1. After receiving the Approval Entry Letter, the guarantor sends a scan and notifies the foreign investor to receive the visa at the registration point.
  2. Foreign investors prepare the necessary documents and carry out procedures for DT2 visa stamping. The time to apply for a Vietnam Investor DT2 visa is about 3-5 working days, from the date of receiving the notice and receiving the complete documents.

Approval Entry Letter documents prepared by the inviting and guaranteeing agency

  1. Complete the entry form for foreigners - NA2 Form 
  2. The introduction document has the seal and signature of the authorized organization - NA16 Form 
  3. Papers proving the investment in Vietnam: Investment registration certificate, Business registration certificate of the inviting or guaranting organization or enterprise in Vietnam
  4. Copy of foreigner's passport
  5. Other required documents (according to specific cases)

Required DT2 visa documents for foreign investors 

  1. Original passport with at least 6 months validity and at least 2 blank pages
  2. Vietnam visa application form for foreigners - NA1 Form 
  3. A copy of the Approval Entry Letter
  4. 02 4*6 photos as prescribed

Investor visa application

Investor visa application

Vietnam Investor DT2 visa - latest today

Fees and charges for Vietnam visa stamping at international border gates shall be applied in accordance with Circular 25/2021/TT-BTC, as follows:


Type of visa

Mandatory Fee

Single entry visa: 1-month single entry visa, 3-month single entry visa

25 USD

Issuing a visa valid for multiple times:


Visa types with validity of no more than 03 months
(3-month multiple entry visa)

50 USD

Visa types with validity from more than 3 to 6 months  

(over 3 - 6 months multiple entry visa)

95 USD

Visa types with validity from more than 06 months to 12 months
(6 months - 1-year multiple entry visa)

135 USD

Visa types with validity from 12 months to 02 years

 (1 - 2 years multiple entry visa)

145 USD

Visa types with validity from over 02 years to 05 years

 (2 - 5 years multiple entry visa)

155 USD


*Note: In addition to the required state fees, foreign investors need to pay additional fees such as document preparation fees, document translation fees, consular legalization, etc. You can contact [+84] 1900 6654 to receive a quote for a package DT2 visa service in Nhi Gia.

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