How long does it take to obtain a Vietnam work permit?

Date Create: 19/10/2020

How long it takes to obtain a work permit is an issue that enterprises concern when they carry out the procedures for applying for a work permit for foreigners to work in Vietnam. Regarding this issue, Nhi Gia will give the detailed answer about the time to obtain the work permit for each specific case in the article below.

Time to obtain a work permit as prescribed

All enterprises pay more attention to the process, results and especially the time to obtain a work permit to actively work out the appropriate solution to bring in foreigners to work in Vietnam. According to the law provisions, the time to obtain a work permit is based on each stage:

Stage 1: Submit the application for registration of foreign worker use demand, also known as application for the approval letter to use foreign workers.

At this step, it is necessary to submit a written letter explaining the need to use foreign workers for the approval at least 10 days in advance before the expected date of employment.

Stage 2: Apply for a work permit at the competent authorities.

At this step, the time to apply for a work permit is at least 15 days before the date the foreign worker is expected to work for the enterprise.

Thus, the total time for obtaining a work permit is about 45 working days if the application is complete and valid as required by the competent authorities. In case the application is insufficient or incomplete, the authorities will request additional documents. It then takes longer for enterprises to receive the results of work permit applications for foreigners.

Several factors affecting the time to obtain a work permit

In fact, there are many factors affecting the time to carry out the work permit procedures for foreign workers, specifically as follows:

+ Procedures for granting new, extending, re-granting work permit or work permit exempt. The time to grant a new work permit will often take longer, as it requires many types of documents to be prepared.

+ Experience of the person processing the documents and the procedures. For those who have experience and ability to process documents, they will know the steps & necessary papers well and anticipate the situations, so that small mistakes in the progress of processing the documents and applying for the work permit can be avoided. Therefore, the time to obtain a work permit may be shorter than expected.

+ In case enterprises use the work permit service, it is also necessary for them to choose reputable and professional units with many years of experience. They specialize in the field of documentation procedures, have knowledge about the laws and the process, so they will be able to complete the work permit service and shorten the time to obtain the same.

Time to obtain a work permit at Nhi Gia Company

Nhi Gia is one of the leading providers of work permit service in HCMC. With more than 15 years of experience in working with thousands of large and small enterprises in Vietnam, we have a team of professionals who are well-trained and knowledgeable about legal procedures, so we can provide full package services to support all types of customers:

+ The rate of application approval is 100% when we receive all required documents.

+ We have a closed working process, without intermediaries, so it should minimize the time to apply for work permits.

+ We give the good price for each specific case.

+ We support the difficult applications (Africa region and Central Asian countries).

+ All customer information is strictly confidential and we have the delivery staff to deliver the documents and results door-to-door.

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