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Date Create: 10/02/2023

With only a click, you can know if you are eligible to have a visa. Check the visa eligibility assessment online system RIGHT NOW! 

Why do you have to check your visa eligibility before taking a visa?

Many people are scared of preparing documents for visa applications, in fact, it is quite easy to get a visa. However, the intricacy and laws (profiles, objects,...) might change to be suitable for the current time. This, somehow, makes the applicants feel confused and miss some important features. 

If you want to apply for a visa (travel, business, relatives,..) but don’t know how to do it or wonder whether your visa application meets the requirement, you can use the visa eligibility assessment online system. This system will help you to check your visa pass rate without paying any fees. 

It takes you only 3 min to answer 7 to 10 basic questions. You will answer the questions about the country you want to travel to, your purpose, relationship status, etc. After you click “View result”, the web will show you the percentage. 

By using this website, you can know about the necessary documents to prepare or look for the prestige visa service (if any).

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What is the visa eligibility assessment online system?

The visa eligibility assessment online system is a tool that supports clients to check the visa pass rate whenever the clients take a visa for any country. This system was created by Nhi Gia Trading and Service Company Limited in July 2017. 



The special things about this system are

  • able to help the clients know about the pass rate before applying for a visa;
  • to save time and avoid the hazy state while applying for a visa;
  • to have free consultation with the expert of Nhi Gia.

Nhi Gia support you to check your visa application for

  • Asian countries Visas;
  • European countries Visas;
  • Americas countries Visas;
  • Africa countries Visas;
  • Oceania countries Visas (Australian Visa).

With more than 16 years of experience, Nhi Gia investigated and created this visa eligibility assessment online system. However, you should use this system as a tool for consulting to decide whether you can apply by yourself or you have to use visa service.  

If you want to use the visa service, contact Nhi Gia at [+84] 1900 6654 for consulting and support.

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