Extend, apply for a Vietnam Reporter visa

Date Create: 18/11/2023

Citizens of countries who are reporters and journalists who want to come to Vietnam as a representative of a foreign media agency must apply for a Reporter visa (visa PV1, visa PV2). Granting PV1 or PV2 visa will be considered based on the entry purpose, specifically:

What is a Vietnam Reporter visa?

A Reporter visa (or Vietnam PV1/ PV2 visa) is issued to reporters and journalists who want to enter Vietnam. Based on the time staying, working in Vietnam, Reporter visa will be issued by 2 different symbols:

  1. PV1 visa - Issued to journalist permanent stay in Vietnam.
  2. PV2 visa - Issued to journalist having short activities in Vietnam.

Extend, apply for Vietnam Reporter visa

Conditions to apply for a Vietnam Reporter visa

To get a Vietnam Reporter visa, foreigners must meet all the conditions below:

  • Have a passport or valid international travel documents.
  • Not in the case of not allowing entry
  • Get the invitation from the guarantee agency, business, or individual Vietnam.

Duration of Vietnam PV1, PV2 visa

Foreigners who meet all the conditions above will be considered to get PV1, PV2 visa with a duration of 12 months. When the visa has expired, if foreigners still want to stay in Vietnam, foreigners must conduct the procedure following:

  • To be granted a PV1 visa: foreigners carry out procedures to apply for /extension or apply for a Temporary Residence Card with the PV1 symbol for a period of no more than 02 years as prescribed;
  • To be granted a PV2 visa: when the visa expires, please carry out the procedures to apply for/ extend the visa according to regulations.

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All necessary papers to extend/ apply for Vietnam Reporter visa

Foreigners who apply for Vietnam entry visa must prepare:

  1. Original passport with at least 6 months 
  2. Visa type and specific entry time
  3. Documents proving that you are a reporter or journalist resident in Vietnam
  4. Vietnam visa application form - NA1 Form
  5. Copy of Approval Entry Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department

In case, foreigners have PV1, PV2 visa which is going to be expired, must extend the visa by:

  1. Original passport of foreigners
  2. Documents proving that you are a reporter or journalist resident in Vietnam
  3. Documents proving family members (if any)
  4. Vietnam visa extension application form - NA5 Form 
  5. Other required documents (if any)



  • These documents are the basic documents when applying for PV1, PV2 visa. In the necessary case, the Consulate General might ask the foreigners to add more other papers that can support processing the visa. So foreigners must add quickly!
  • Do not present fake documents, fraud/ falsification may result in ineligibility for a permanent visa.
  • To ensure a complete - accurate - valid supply of required documents and documents, get support from an experienced expert. Customers can contact the hotline at [+84] 1900 6654 for a free consultation!


Where to submit the Vietnam Reporter visa?

The agency that invites, or guarantees foreigners to work in Vietnam must apply for Vietnam Approval Entry Letter at the Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security.

  • In the North: 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.
  • In the South: 254 Nguyen Trai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh.

The processing time for Vietnam Reporter visa will be from 3 to 5 working days from the date that the officer receives all the required documents. 

Reporter visa application

Vietnam Reporter visa fees

Based on the number of entries, the fees for PV1, and PV2 visa will be different:

  • Single entry visa: 25 USD/pcs
  • Visa types with validity of no more than 03 months: 50 USD/pcs
  • Visa types with validity from more than 03 to 06 months: 95 USD/pcs
  • Visa types with validity from more than 06 months to 12 months: 135 USD/pcs

*Note: These are obligatory fees that exclude the fee for processing documents, notarized translation,... (if any).

For more information about Vietnam Reporter visa

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