Procedures for working visa extension for foreigners

Date Create: 20/07/2020

Working visas (code: LĐ1, LĐ2) are visas granted to foreigners who work in Vietnam. The maximum validity period of a working visa is 02 year.

Application for working visa extension

Application for working visa extension in Vietnam includes the following documents:

+ Declaration to apply for a visa, extension of temporary residence (form NA5).

+ Original passport of foreign workers which is valid for at least 06 months.

+ Certificate of temporary residence of the local public security of where the foreign worker temporarily resides.

+ Legal documents of sponsoring companies, organizations and enterprises, including: Business registration certificate, seal specimen registration certificate, reference letter, etc.

+ Work permit or work permit exemption.

+ Some other documents required by the immigration agencies.

Note: The above documents are for temporary reference only. They are subject to change at the request of the immigration agencies.

Process of applying for working visa extension

Step 1: After sufficiently preparing all documents, the foreign workers can submit their applications at one of the following two locations: Vietnam Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security or the Immigration Offices of the public security agencies of provinces/cities.

Step 2: The officer who accepts the application checks the legality and contents of the applications:

+ If they are complete and valid, then he/she will accept the applications, print and give a receipt to set an appointment to return results.

+ If they are not valid yet, the officer will give instructions for us to provide additional documents.

- Application time: From Monday to Saturday morning weekly (except Tet, holidays and Sundays).

Step 3: Receive results.

+ The person who receives the results will give the receipt to the officer who returns the results, pay the fee and sign the receipt.

 + Time: From Monday to Friday weekly (except Tet, holidays and Sundays).

  • Processing time: 05 working days as from the date of submitting the complete application.

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Should you extend the working visa by yourself?

The working visa extension is quite complicated, you need to:

+ Understand the legal procedures and visa extension application process at the competent authority.

+ It takes time to queue and wait for carrying out procedures.

+ You must give reasonable explanation of your application to the government officials when being required.

These things make the visa extension process cost time and the foreigners can be fined and even deported and banned to enter Vietnam within the time limit prescribed by law. Thus, using the working visa extension service is the safest and most economical option.

Nhi Gia Company - visa service unit has more than 15 years of experience. We are committed to give the visa approval rate of up to 99% and a reasonable fee for each case.

Process of working visa extension at Nhi Gia

The process of working visa extension service at Nhi Gia is professional and simple.

Step 1: Receiving customer requests, giving detailed advices and instructions for necessary documents to extend the visa.

Step 2: Signing the contract and receiving the original documents.

Step 3: Assisting customers in processing and completing the documents.

Step 4: Translating and notarizing some kinds of documents required by the competent authorities.

Step 5: Submitting the applications and carrying out the procedures on behalf of the customers.

Step 6: Receiving the results and delivering visas to customers.

Hopefully, with useful information about the working visa extension procedures, you may have your application well-prepared. If you have any difficulties or any questions about visa extension, please contact Nhi Gia via hotline 84 1900 6654 or click on for support.

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