Package – prestigious Vietnam entry services for group of foreigners

Date Create: 03/05/2021

Package entry services for group of people at Nhi Gia support foreigners to quickly enter Vietnam. Our customized package services for applying an approval letter and quarantine plan for each subject to ensure saving and reasonable costs for businesses.

Conditions to get support for entry services for group of people?

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Government of Vietnam has policies to limit the entry of foreigners. Accordingly, foreigners who are allowed to enter Vietnam for the purpose of working, going on business trip, studying or visiting relatives working in Vietnam (stop issuing tourist visas) include:

  • Experts, managers, executives, technical workers.
  • Relatives (spouses, parents, children) of the above subjects.
  • International students.

The first condition for foreigners to enter Vietnam is to have an business or an organization in Vietnam to invite or provide guarantee for his/her entry. At the same time, such organization and the business must go through the application procedures and pay for the entire costs of the quarantine hotel as well as hospital fees in the event of a foreigner becoming infected.

In case, businesses need to support the immigration procedures for foreigners. Call us immediately via 1900 6654, Nhi Gia will prepare all necessary procedures on behalf of the customer to quickly bring foreigners into Vietnam.

Procedures for group of foreigners to entry into Vietnam

Entry approval letter is a type of document issued by the Immigration Authority to allow foreign individuals or groups or delegations to enter Vietnam. In the stage of epidemic prevention, to get the Immigration Department’s approval, the application for entry approval letter requires a lot of complicated papers. Requirements on documents applying for entry approval letter for group of foreigners:

  • A scanned or photocopy of the passport of each foreigner in the group;
  • Confirmation of the intended date of entry into Vietnam;
  • Some forms required by Immigration Agency;
  • Legal documents of the organizations, enterprises inviting or sponsoring the foreigners’ entry;
  • Written approval of the provincial/city People's Committee.
  • Approval letter of the Health Department on the pick-up process and quarantine plan at such quarantine hotels with charges.

In case a foreigner entering to the Ho Chi Minh City area, the foreigner needs to prepare additional professional papers proving to be the right person who has been allowed to enter as prescribed.

These professional requirements often make it difficult for foreigners as well as businesses. Therefore, if you use package entry services for group of foreigners, Nhi Gia will support from A to Z and handle cumbersome procedures for you.

Nhi Gia supports package entry services for group of foreigners

Currently, many businesses need to help bring foreigners into Vietnam, but get confused as they do not know how to prepare documents and carry out the procedures. On the other hand, due to flight restrictions, it has become more and more difficult for foreigners to enter Vietnam.

To reduce those burdens, Nhi Gia supports package entry services for group of foreigners, with a large number of guests. We will represent the customer to carry out the package – saving entry procedures, including:

  1. Written approval of the provincial/city People's Committee on the entry;
  2. Quarantine plan and hotel reservation: Submit a 14-day quarantine plan to the quarantine center and support for quarantine hotel reservations;
  3. Approval letter from the Immigration Department;
  4. Air tickets booking: Support and advice on booking air tickets from abroad to Vietnam;
  5. Booking medical vehicles to pick up foreigners from the airport to the quarantine hotel.

Costs of package entry services for group of foreigners at Nhi Gia

The cost of entry services for group of foreigners depends on many factors. Depending on each foreigner, nationality and flight itinerary, the costs of package entry services for group of foreigners may vary. In addition, the exchange rate between the Vietnamese Dong (VND) and the US Dollar (USD) also affects the cost of entry services.

Above is all information about Package entry services for group of foreigners with a large number of guests. To know the exact quotation of entry services corresponding to each case of foreigners, please contact us on 1900 6654. With more than 15 years of experience in the immigration sector, you can completely trust and rest assured about our service quality!

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