Extend and apply for a 3-month multiple entry visa

Date Create: 20/11/2023

If a 1-month multiple entry visa is not suitable for the foreigner’s entry purpose, they can consider applying for a 3-month multiple entry visa. With this type of visa, the fees will be equivalent to a 1-month multiple entry visa. However, the requirements for documents and documents may vary based on the visa symbol.

>> Learn more about a 1-month multiple entry visa. In case, you need to apply (extension) for a 3-month multiple entry visa, check all the information below to easily make the best choice!

What is a 3-month multiple entry visa?

A 3-month multiple entry visa allows its holders to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within a period of 3 months until the visa expires.

For Vietnam visas have entry purposes: business (DN1, DN2 visa), work (LD1, LD2 visa), investment (DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4 visa) and so on; foreigners can apply or extend the 3-month multiple entry visa for many times following the regulation.

3-month multiple entry visa extension and procedures

To apply for a 3-month multiple entry visa, the sponsoring individual/business or the applicant needs to prepare a set of documents as required by the Vietnamese authorities. Including

3-month multiple entry visa application

  1. Vietnam visa application forms - Form NA2;
  2. Passport valid for at least 6 months
  3. 02 photos of white background, size 4x6cm
  4. Documents proving personal relationship; Copy of ID card, etc (if a relative in Vietnam is sponsoring); or
  5. Instruction Letter of the organization or enterprise in Vietnam guaranteeing or the legal dossier of the guaranteeing company or enterprise: Business registration License; Certificate of registration of seal and signature; Investment license,... (if the organization or enterprise guarantees);
  6. Some documents are according to the specific case of the foreigner's profile and nationality.

>> To know exactly what type of papers you should prepare to apply for a 3-month multiple entry visa depending on each case, please, contact us via the hotline [+84] 1900 6654 - [+84] 906 736 788.

3-month multiple entry visa application for extension

When applying for a 3-month multiple entry visa, foreigners should prepare:

  1. Original passport;
  2. Vietnam visa application for extension - NA5 form;
  3. Papers and documents of relatives/organizations and businesses inviting or guaranteeing;
  4. 3-month multiple visa extension fee will follow the regulations of the competent authority.

*Notice: Based on each specific case, the Immigration Department/ Immigration Department may ask foreigners/enterprises to provide additional documents. In this case, you need to provide documents to complete them quickly!

How much does a 3-month multiple entry visa cost?

If foreigners choose to enter Vietnam by applying for an Approval Entry Letter and stamping a visa at the international airport, where the visa application is submitted will depend on one of two cases:

  1. Sponsored relatives can apply for documents at the Immigration Department;
  2. Guarantee Organizations and businesses will carry out procedures and submit documents to the Immigration Department or the Immigration Department of the province and city.

In case the guarantor individual / business does not have time or does not understand the process of carrying out the procedures, etc. Visa experts at Nhi Gia are always ready to advise and support you 24/7:

  • Visa pass rate assessment;
  • Guidance on preparing documents to apply for a new visa / renew visa based to specific cases;
  • Ensure the highest visa pass rate;
  • Support foreigners to carry out entry/ exit procedures quickly;
  • Offer other services: Work Permit, Temporary Residence Card, Airline Tickets,...

For more information about services at Nhi Gia, please contact the hotline [+84] 1900 6654 or email: info@nhigia.vn.

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