Vietnam tourist visa extension for foreigners

Date Create: 01/09/2020

Vietnam tourist visa extension is a procedure that is concerned by a large number of foreign tourists. Tourist visa with DL code has the period from 1 to 3 months, for single entry or multiple entries. When the visa expires, if a foreigner wants to continue to stay in Vietnam, he/she needs to carry out the procedures to extend or apply for a new tourist visa as prescribed.

Cases subject to Vietnam tourist visa extension

+ Foreigners entering Vietnam under the visa exemption specified in Articles 12 and 13 of the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2014. If they want to continue to stay in Vietnam, they need to go to the Immigration Department in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to apply for an extension.

+ In case a foreigner enters Vietnam with a Vietnam tourist visa, he/she can extend his/her tourist visa for 1- 3 months at the Immigration Department or the Immigration Office of the Public Security agencies of the provinces/cities.

Vietnam tourist visa with DL code

Procedures for Vietnam tourist visa extension

A regular application for Vietnam tourist visa extension includes:

+ Original passport, valid for at least 6 months.

+ Declaration to request the extension for Vietnam visa in the proper form.

+ 2 4x6 photos.

+ Time for the foreigner to enter Vietnam.

+ Some other documents at the request of the state competent authorities.

After preparing all documents, the foreigner or the sponsoring travel agency shall submit the application at the Immigration Department or Immigration Office of the nearest province or city.

The processing time for Vietnam tourist visa extension is from 5-7 working days (not including the submission date, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays).

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Notes when extending Vietnam tourist visa for foreigners

+ Foreigners need to extend Vietnam visa before their visas expire. In case of expiry, a fine will be imposed. After paying the fine, the foreigner can continue to apply for extension of a tourist visa to stay.

+ In serious cases, the foreigner with an expired visa may be forced to exit Vietnam.

+ Use the tourist visa for the right purpose, not for the purpose of staying to work in Vietnam.

How to extend Vietnam tourist visa quickly

Are you afraid of the complicated visa extension procedures or do you need to extend tourist visa quickly? Nhi Gia, a prestigious company and has 15 years of experience, will assist you in carrying out the procedures from A to Z. We commit:

+ The rate of successful visa extension is at the highest level.

+ We can handle the cases of difficult nationalities or urgent cases.

+ The process is closed with quick processing time from 1-2 working days.

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+ We have a team to deliver documents and visas to you.

Full-package and professional tourist visa extension at Nhi Gia

Vietnam tourist visa extension process at Nhi Gia

Customers only need to send the foreign passport (original) to Nhi Gia. The remaining tasks such as completing the document translation, notarizing and submitting them at the Immigration agency are our responsibilities:

Step 1: Receiving the requests from customers and guiding them to prepare the documents for tourist visa extension.

Step 2: Signing a service contract and receiving the original papers.

Step 3: Nhi Gia’s staff processes and completes the visa extension application.

Step 4: Translating and notarizing some documents into Vietnamese in accordance with the laws.

Step 5: Applying at the Immigration agency (if required), on behalf of the customer.

Step 6: Nhi Gia’s staff directly receives the results and delivers the documents and visa in person.

The above is all information about Vietnam tourist visa extension for foreigners. For any questions about visa extension procedures and services, please contact us via the hotline 1900 6654 or click on Our team of specialists will promptly give response to you!

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