What are the conditions for granting temporary residence card for foreigners?

Date Create: 28/01/2021

Foreigners holding temporary residence cards have the right to enter and exit multiple times during the temporary residence card’s validity without needing to renew Vietnamese visa. Therefore, it will save a lot of time, effort and cost for foreigners as well as the foreign sponsor. So, what are the conditions for being granted a temporary residence card? Let’s take a brief look with Nhi Gia in the contents below!

Foreigners subject to a temporary residence card

Foreigners subject to a temporary residence card include:

+ Member of a limited liability company with 2 or more members.

+ Owner of a single member limited liability company.

+ Member of the Board of Directors of a joint stock company.

+ Lawyers licensed by the Ministry of Justice to practice in Vietnam.

+ Foreigners with a work permit or certificate of not subject to a work permit and are working in Vietnam.

+ Students to practice and work under the programs signed between the ministries and branches approved by the Government.

+ Relatives who are fathers, mothers, spouses, and children accompanying the foreigner who have been granted a temporary residence card.

+ Foreigners who are fathers, mothers, spouses, and children of Vietnamese citizens.

Conditions to apply for a temporary residence card for a foreigner

+ Passport of the foreigner must be valid for over 13 months.

+ Must have a Vietnamese visa to entry into Vietnam for the right purposes as prescribed.

+ Do procedures for temporary residence registration at public security agency of the commune and ward in accordance with regulations.

In addition, depending on the type of temporary residence card application, foreigners need to obtain the following documents:

+ Foreigners with work permits: Work permits are valid for at least 1 year.

+ Foreigners are exempt from work permits: The written certification of the work permit exemption issued by the Foreign Manpower Management Division.

+ Foreign investor: There are documents proving capital contribution, investment in an enterprise in Vietnam.

+ Foreign students who come to study: Admission letter of the school or educational institution of Vietnam.

+ Foreigners who are father, mother, wife, husband, or child of a Vietnamese citizen or accompanying a foreigner who has been granted a temporary residence card: Documents proving the relationship, such as Household registry, Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, etc.

The legal dossier of the company, enterprise, organization or sponsor applying for a temporary residence card for a foreigner includes:

+ Certificate of operation of the enterprise employing foreign workers: Business registration certificate, investment certificate, operation license of representative offices, branchesm, etc.

+ Seal specimen registration certificate or a written notice of the publication of information about the enterprise’s seal specimen on the national business registration portal.

Note: Foreign agencies, organizations and individuals inviting or sponsoring foreigners will directly apply for a temporary residence card for foreigners at the Immigration Department or Office – Public Security of the Province or City.

Services of making temporary residence cards for foreigners

It is necessary to be knowledgeable about the current law and requirement on each type of documents as prescribed. Inexperienced foreign sponsors and individuals may face many difficulties in terms of time, travel effort and cost when preparing their own documents.

With many years of experience in this field, Nhi Gia Company will support businesses to make a temporary residence card quickly from A to Z and with the most reasonable service fees. Please contact Nhi Gia via hotline +84 1900 6654 or send a message via Facebook Fanpage at https://www.facebook.com/nhigia to learn more about the conditions for granting temporary residence card and services of making temporary residence cards for foreigners.


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