Detailed application & procedure for NN3 visa

Date Create: 23/11/2023

Next to NN1 and NN2 visa which is granted heads of departments working with foreign organizations, representative offices and branches, foreigners entering Vietnam to work with foreign organization can be considered for NN3 visa. So what is NN3 visa? Which subjects will be granted? Nhi Gia will answer these questions in this article.

What kind of visa is the NN3 visa? Granted to which object?

Vietnam NN3 visa is granted to foreigners entering Vietnam to work in foreign organizations and branches. Specifically, according to the provisions of Article 8 of Law No. 47/2014/QH13, NN3 visa is issued to foreigners working in:

  • Foreign NGOs
  • Representative offices and branches of foreign traders
  • Representative offices of economic, cultural and other professional organizations of foreign countries

Conditions to apply for Vietnam NN3 visa

Foreigners need to meet the following conditions to be granted a NN3 visa:

  • Have a valid passport or international travel document
  • Organizations or companies are operating in Vietnam that carry out guarantee procedures
  • Not being banned from entering the country specified in the Immigration Law

How long is the NN3 visa for foreigners?

The NN3 visa is valid for no more than 12 months. Therefore, foreigners will be granted NN3 visa with a maximum duration of 01 year. In addition, unlike NN1 and NN2 visas, NN3 visa holders cannot apply for Temporary Residence Card.

In case the NN3 visa is about to expire but foreigners still need to stay and work in Vietnam. At this time, foreigners should carry out procedures for granting/renewing of NN3 visa.

>> For details on the application procedure and the implementation process, call the hotline at [+84] 1900 6654 - Nhi Gia visa specialist is always ready to assist you.

NN3 visa application

The inviting unit, the guarantor and the foreigner need to prepare the following documents when applying for NN3 visa:

  1. Original passport or valid international travel document
  2. 02 photos with white background, size 4x6cm (taken within 6 months)
  3. Application form for NN3 visa - NA1 form
  4. Application form for an Approval Entry Letter - NA2 form
  5. Legal documents proving to work with foreign organizations, offices or branches in Vietnam
  6. Fee for issuing visa with the symbol NN3
  7. Other relevant documents at the request of the Immigration Department (if any)

Apply for NN3 visa procedure

Currently, foreigners can apply for NN3 visa at different locations (Vietnam Embassy/Consulate abroad or Vietnam international border gate). However, apply for a NN3 visa procedure will follow

Step 1: The guarantee company will apply for an approval entry letter from the Immigration Department. For detailed procedures, please contact via the hotline at [+84] 1900 6654 for assistance in completing the document.

Step 2: The guarantee company receives the results after about 5 working days (maximum 7-10 days) from the Immigration Department, then makes the notice and sends the approval entry letter to the foreigner.

Step 3: Foreigners print the approval entry letter and prepare all the documents to apply for the NN3 visa according to the instructions.

Step 4: Complete the NN3 visa issuance/stamping procedure at the correct time and place stated on the approval entry letter, pay the fee and receive the NN3 visa.

NN3 visa application fee for employees of foreign organization 

Below are NN3 visa fees (according to the duration and purpose of entry) that applicants must pay to the Immigration Department/Consulate of Vietnam to get Vietnam visa stamps:



Visa 1-3 months single entry

25 USD/piece

Visa 1-3 months multiple entry

50 USD/piece

Visa 3-6 months multiple entry

95 USD/piece

Visa 6-12 months multiple entry

135 USD/piece


** Note: The above fees are mandatory fees when the applicants complete the NN3 visa procedure. In addition, during the application process, the applicants may incur additional service fees, notarized translation fees, etc.

>> Do you need to know the full details of the NN3 visa application fee for foreigners? Just call [+84] 1900 6654 - Nhi Gia will advise specifically on the fees to be prepared as well as the NN3 visa application for each subject.

Some notes when preparing NN3 visa application

When preparing your visa application, you should follow

  • All information provided in the application must be transparent and accurate.
  • Only prepare enough documents as required by the Immigration Authority/Consulate of Vietnam.
  • Documents with foreign elements need to be legalized for consular certification.
  • The processing time for NN3 visa is usually about 5 working days. However, if the Immigration Department/Embassy requires additional documents, the visa processing time may be extended.

The preparation of documents is considered a decisive factor in the success rate of the NN3 visa. Thus, the guarantee company and the foreigner need to understand the requirements to be able to get the NN3 visa.

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