Instruct to enter Hong Kong following the new procedure in 2023

Date Create: 01/02/2023

From September 29, 2022, Hong Kong officially cancels PCR testing when entering Hong Kong (at HKG). Since then, it's easier than ever to enter and travel to Hong Kong. Details:

I/ For people who want to transit (HKG): You can transit normally within 24 hours at the airport.

II/ Requirement before boarding (for foreigners entering Hong Kong)

  • Negative rapid test result for Covid-19: Request a negative Covid-19 test result using the RAT rapid test within 24 hours or PCR test within 48 hours of flight departure time to Hong Kong. 
  • Certificate of full vaccination: Hong Kong airport accepts any paper or QR code format. However, the content must be in English or Chinese. If the passengers inject in Vietnam, he/ she can search and select the English language to get the English version. 

*Hong Kong citizens who do not have the full dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be allowed to enter Hong Kong. 


  1. You must check the information and requirements of the last place that you come to.
  2. Passengers from overseas or Taiwan with an itinerary to China and Macau transiting in Hong Kong are required to fulfill the required medical requirements for their onward journey.
  3. Passengers traveling to Macau and Mainland China with transit in Hong Kong need to enter for medical examination and then continue to fly to Macau or Mainland China when the following conditions are met:
  • Air tickets are available for Hong Kong to Macau/Mainland China sector only and have enough time to check in for the onward flight.
  • Comply with entry requirements/regulations into Macau or Chinese cities (negative PCR test result within 48 hours prior to flight departure to China).

The regulations might be changed following the government’s requirements. To know the details, follow at or contact directly at hotline [+84] 1900 6654 - [+84] 906 736 788.  

Nhi Gia will support the customer with all the procedures:

  • Apply for a Hong Kong visa for a specific purpose;
  • Book round-trip ticket;
  • Book hotel rooms according to 3-5* standards;
  • Complete immigration procedures for Hong Kong.

(Source: Cathay Pacific Airways)

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