Hong Kong removes medical self-monitoring regulations upon entry (December 14)

Date Create: 03/02/2023

Nhi Gia is pleased to announce that "HONG KONG OPENS AGAIN" from December 14, 2022. Hong Kong (HKG) removes the medical self-monitoring regulation at the accommodation facilities. Visitors entering Hong Kong don’t have to self-monitor at home and are free to travel in Hong Kong.

Requirements when transiting and before boarding

I/ For people who want to transit: You can transit normally within 24 hours at the airport.

II/ Requirement before boarding (for foreigners entering Hong Kong)

  • Negative rapid test result for Covid-19 (Rapid Antigen test - RAT): Request a negative Covid-19 test result using the RAT rapid test within 24 hours of flight departure time to Hong Kong.
  • Valid electronic health declaration: mandatory check before boarding
  • Passengers must complete the electronic health declaration via the link https://www.chp.gov.hk/hdf. Time frame to complete the electronic health declaration form is 96 hours before the arrival time and until the check-in counters of the flights concerned are closed. After completing the electronic health declaration, passengers will have one of the results below.
  • Green QR code: Eligibility for boarding (Ok to board - OKTB)
  • Red QR code: NOT eligible for boarding, unless you do it again and get a green QR code
  • The result of the QR code will be checked by the staff when conducting the procedures. You must screenshot or print the result of the QR code. 
  • Vaccination certificate: The airport accepts all types of papers or QR code (the content must be written in English or Chinese). Passengers' vaccination in Vietnam can search: https://tiemchungcovid19.gov.vn/portal/search (choose “EN”)

Hongkongers who did not vaccinate for Covid-19 yet are still allowed to enter Hong Kong.

Important notes when entering Hong Kong

  • Check the information and the requirements of the final destination.
  • Foreign travelers or Hongkongers who have a flight to China and Macau and want to transit to Hong Kong must conduct the medical requirements. This is a compulsory requirement for the next journey. These people must meet the conditions below:
  • Air tickets are available for the route from Hong Kong to Macau/Mainland China only and have enough time to check in for the next flight.
  • Follow all the requirements/ regulations when entering Macau or cities in China (PCR test result is negative within 48 hours upon entry to Shanghai or within 7 days upon entry into Beijing).

Entry Hong Kong regulations can be changed based on the requirement of the Government. However, Nhi Gia always updates the important information whenever there is any announcement from the Hong Kong airline or the Government. Track us if you don’t want to miss any important news!

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