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Date Create: 24/01/2018

Vietnam citizens residing abroad and wishing to return to live in Vietnam must apply for repatriation travel document and meet the conditions set by the law of Vietnam.

Do you intend to return to live in Vietnam?

Don’t you know what to prepare for the dossier? Nhi Gia will support you.

Subjects of application for repatriation

  • Have Vietnam nationality and Vietnam passport.
  • Be able to ensure life in Vietnam after repatriation.
  • Have relatives/agency guarantee:
    • Relative (father, mother, spouse, children, siblings, family line relative) is a citizen of Vietnam, over 18 year of age and has permanent residence household in Vietnam (for the applicant of repatriation for family reunification and humanitarian).
    • Organizations at Ministerial and Ministerial equivalent level, Governmental organizations,… (for repatriation applicants to participate in building the country).

Documents required for applying for repatriation

For the applicants (2 sets of dossiers/per person)

  • An application for repatriation.
  • Copy of passport or document replacing the passport.
  • A copy of visa or document from exemption from visa.
  • A curriculum vitae: Claim clearly the time of job and residence?
  • Letter of Commitment for repatriation (in case of wife/husband is a foreigner).
  • Papers proving the ability to ensure life when repatriating.

For the guarantor (2 sets of documents)

  • A document of guarantee.
  • A curriculum vitae.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Household registration book, identity card.
  • Ownership certificate or other papers related to housing.
  • Documents proving the financial status guaranteeing for the repatriation life.

Nhi Gia support repatriation procedures

  • Freely consult problems related to repatriation.
  • On behalf of clients working with the relevant authorities.
  • Commitment to delivering results on time.
  • Absolutely assure confidentiality of customer’s documents.

Frequently asked questions

Question – Am I allowed to bring my properties to the country?

Answer – When repatriation, you are allowed to bring these properties as follows:

  • Cars, motorcycles, refrigerators, air conditioners … which are in use, exempted from import tax.
  • Money is the property and income of Vietnamese brought when repatriation (tax- free and does not limit the number).

Question – The validity period of the repatriation travel document?

Answer – The repatriation travel document is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and shall not be extended.

Question – Where to submit the repatriation travel document application?

Answer –  The dossier of repatriation travel document can be submitted at either these two places:

  1. Overseas: Vietnamese representative agencies in the host country.
  2. In Vietnam: The Ministry of Interior (Immigration Department) or the Bureau of Police of province, city directly under the Central Government.
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