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Dual Citizenship

Date Create: 24/01/2018

Dual citizenship is a legal status representing the relationship between a citizen and their nation where they have citizenship; this is the right to be a member of a country or a sovereign state.

Who can ask for dual citizenship?

In Vietnam, multi-nationality is accepted in the following cases:

  1. Children with fathers or mothers are Vietnamese.
  2. Overseas Vietnamese living abroad have lost or do not bear Vietnamese citizenship but wish to apply for the nationality of Vietnam.
  3. The Vietnamese living abroad and bearing the citizenship of that country but do not give up Vietnamese nationality.

Services for dual citizenship at Nhi Gia

Nhi Gia will help yo apply for Vietnam citizenship rapidly, effectively up to  90%. With over 16 years of experience, we guarantee:

  • Low cost.
  • No additional costs incurring during the work.
  • Absolute confidentiality of customer information.
  • Receive profile and hand over result to the customers at the agreed time.
  • Flexible payment.

Frequently asked questions

Question – Which countries allow dual citizenship?

Answer – The following countries accept multi-citizenship: Australia, England, France, America, and Canada. You can apply for and own 2, 3 or more nationalities as you wish.

Question – Which passport to use for Vietnam entry and exit?

Answer – As prescribed, when entering or exiting Vietnam, you can only use one passport – Vietnam or the foreign passport.

If you use Vietnam passport upon entry (without a visa), you have to use it when leaving Vietnam. Customs officials may check this through Immigration stamps affixed on the passport.

If you use a foreign passport to entry (visa-waiver expires or visa) when exit you must also use external passports. Note that if you use a foreign passport with a visa, you must comply with visa conditions, for example in not more than 3 months.

Entering and exiting by different passports shall be considered as violating the provisions of Vietnam law on immigration.

Question – Will a Vietnam citizen owning a foreign citizenship lose his or her Vietnamese citizenship?

Answer – Article 21 of Decree No. 78/2009/NĐ-CP issued on September 22nd 2009 of the Government stipulating: “Since July 1, 2009, Vietnam citizens for some reason, owning foreign citizenship and not losing Vietnam yet, still hold Vietnamese citizenship.”

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