Procedures for granting work permits to foreign managers

Date Create: 06/01/2021

Foreign workers in managerial positions need to have a work permit if they want to work legally in Vietnam. So how do we apply for a work permit for managers?

Who are foreign managers working in Vietnam?

A manager is simply understood as a person who plans, organizes, leads and controls the company effectively, enters into the Company’s transactions on behalf of the company in accordance with the company’s charter.

When applying for a work permit, foreign managers working in Vietnam will have the following positions:

+ Manager – Chairman of the company, Vice Chairman of the company.

+ Manager - General Director, Deputy General Director.

+ Manager - Director, Deputy Director.

+ Manager - Managing Director.

+ Manager - Head of representative office.

Application for new work permits for managers

An application for a work permit for foreign managers includes:

+ Original Vietnamese medical certificate issued by qualified hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities according to the regulations of Ministry of Health.

+ Original legalized criminal record certificate issued abroad or original Vietnamese criminal record certificate (in 6 months from the date of issue).

+ Legalized employment certificate confirming the working experience in the equivalent position from 1 year or more

+ 2 4 * 6cm photos, white background, wearing a shirt, no glasses.

+ Certified true copy of full passport, still valid as prescribed. Nhi Gia keeps it for 3 days to submit to the Department when applying for the permit.

+ Application form for a work permit according to the form of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (fully filled).

Note: The above papers and documents must be legalized, translated into Vietnamese and notarized legally.

Procedures for applying for a new work permit for managers

The process of applying for a new permit for foreign managers includes 2 steps:

Step 1: Apply for the approval letter to use the foreign workers.

Enterprises in Vietnam shall be responsible for carrying out the procedures to apply for the approval letter to use the foreign workers at least 30 days in advance from the expected date of employment.

Processing time for approval letter is up to 15 days if the application is complete and valid. If it is rejected, the competent agency will state the reason.

Step 2: Submit the application and receive the result of the work permit application for managers.

+ If the enterprise that the manager is working for is located in an industrial park, the application for a work permit for foreigners shall be submitted to the Provincial Management Board of industrial parks.

+ In case the enterprise is located outside the industrial park, the application for a work permit for foreigners shall be submitted to the Provincial Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

+ The results of a valid work permit application for managers will be returned after 05 - 07 working days from the date of submitting a complete and valid application.

Service package of work permit for managers

Instead of carrying out the complicated administrative procedures and preparing documents to apply for a work permit for foreign managers themselves, the enterprises in Vietnam often use a reputable service of work permit.

Does your enterprise need the support in preparing papers and applying for a work permit for foreigners? With 15 years of experience in the field, Nhi Gia will provide the full package at the most special price based on quantity for you.

The service package includes: Preparing documents to apply for the approval letter to use the workers; Costs for documents to apply for work permits such as criminal record certificate, medical certificate, legalization and translation of papers, etc.

We commit to transparency of the successful approval rate, the time to receive the results, the contract and result delivery in person. Please contact the hotline +84 1900 6654 or send a message via Facebook Fanpage at for advice from Nhi Gia and quotation of work permit service for foreign managers!

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