How to apply for Vietnam Student Visa (for foreigners)?

Date Create: 18/11/2023

A Vietnam Student visa is a type of paper that is issued by the competent authority of Vietnam and allows foreigners to enter Vietnam for study or intern purposes. Vietnam student visa symbol: DH.

What is a Vietnam Student visa?

Vietnam Student visa is a type of visa that symbols DH and is issued by the competent authority of Vietnam. DH visa is for foreigners entering Vietnam for study/intern purposes at colleges, and universities.

The regulations about the duration of Vietnam Student visa:

  • The duration of a Student visa is at least 30 days shorter than the duration of the Passport or international travel document.
  • The maximum duration of a Vietnam Student visa (symbol DH) is 12 months.

Foreigners who enter Vietnam through DH visa can have the Temporary Residence Card (TRC) with the symbol DH. The duration of this card is no more than 5 years.

Conditions apply for Vietnam Student visa (for foreigners)

To apply for Vietnam Student visa, international abroad student must meet the conditions below (according to Article 10, Law No. 51/2019/QH14):

  1. Have a passport or valid international travel document.
  2. Have an invitation or guarantee from an agency, organization, or individual in Vietnam.
  3. Not subject to such cases that have not been permitted to enter Vietnam.
  4. If foreigners study, they must have an acceptance letter from a school or an educational institution in Vietnam.
  5. E-visa is granted to a foreigner who has a passport and doesn’t on the subject list for the diplomatic visa (NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4).

The entry process for foreigners using Vietnam Student visa

After meeting all the conditions and belonging to the subjects who are granted Vietnam Student visa, foreigners must conduct 2 steps below:

Step 1: Apply for Vietnam Approval Entry Letter - Study abroad purpose

This is an important step if you want to apply for a Student visa. To get the Approval Entry Letter, an individual or guarantee agency in Vietnam must submit the documents to Vietnam Immigration agencies. This will allow foreigners to enter Vietnam.

The processing time of the Approval Entry Letter is from 5 to 7 working days.

>> If you need detailed instructions about the procedure or the document applying for Vietnam Approval Entry Letter (with study purpose), contact the hotline [+84] 1900 6654 - email: Nhi Gia will give you free advice on all your questions!

Step 2: Conduct the procedure to receive a Student visa for foreigners

Foreigners will receive Vietnam Student visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate General abroad, international border gates by road, or international airport of Vietnam.  Places allowed to receive Vietnam visas are based on the entry dispatch approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Procedure: Apply for Vietnam visa (for foreigners)

To receive Vietnam Student visa, an international student must prepare all the required papers:

  1. Foreigners’ passport which is valid above 1 year.
  2. Visa application form is required by the Immigration Authority.
  3. Acceptance document from the school or educational institution in Vietnam.
  4. Copy of Vietnam Approval Entry Letter (all pages).
  5. Some documents are required for each case based on different nationalities.

Processing time for Vietnam student visa is 5 working days from the date you receive the written visa request. The time can be longer than expected based on each specific case (need time to verify the information, add more necessary papers, a large number of papers, etc.)

The fees to apply for Vietnam Student visa

With a duration 12-month, Vietnam Student visa is granted once or multiple times, based on each particular situation. This creates different fees:

  • For visa (valid for 1 time): 1-month single visa, 3-month single visa: 25 USD
  • For visa is valid no more than 3 months (3-month multiple times visa): 50 USD
  • For visa is valid above 3 - 6 months (above 3-month - 6-month multiple times visa): 95 USD
  • For visa is valid from 6 months -  12 months (6-month - 1-yea multiple times visa): 135 USD

>> These are the fees to stamp Vietnam visa which do not include other fees while processing the documents.

The prestigious agency supports foreigners to apply for Vietnam Student visa

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  • Air tickets, admission procedures.
  • Visa Extension, Temporary Residence Card, Criminal Record.
  • Health certificate, Consular Legalization.

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