Instruct on Vietnam TT visa (Visiting Relatives) for foreigners

Date Create: 21/11/2023

Foreigners have relatives who are Vietnamese citizens or are working in Vietnam, they can apply for a TT visa. This visa will help them to enter Vietnam and visit relatives if they are eligible. So how to successfully get a Vietnam TT visa?

>> To learn more about how to apply for a Vietnam visa with TT symbol, please refer to the article below!

What is a TT visa? The object is eligible to grant this visa

TT visa, also known as a Relatives visa, is granted to foreigners whose relatives are Vietnamese citizens or foreign relatives who are working and living in Vietnam.

Specifically, according to Article 8 of Law No. 47/2014/QH13 and Law No. 51/2019/QH14 on amendments and supplements, TT visa is approved and granted to the following subjects:

  1. Foreigners who are spouses and children under 18 years old are granted visa with symbols LV1, LV2 (Work visa); LS (Lawyers visa); DT1, DT2, DT3 (Investor visa); NN1, NN2 (Vietnam visa for foreign organization); DH (Student visa); PV1 (Journalist visa); LD1, LD2 (Work visa).
  2. Or foreigner is the father, mother, wife, husband or child of a Vietnamese citizen.

In addition to the TT visa, foreigners who enter Vietnam for the purpose of visiting relatives can also apply for a VR visa. For detailed information about VR visa, please read the article "Vietnam VR visa? VR Visa application form”

TT visa

Vietnam TT visa

How long does the duration of the TT visa take?

TT visa is issued to foreigners with a maximum duration of 1 year. For TT visa, foreigners can apply for a Single-entry visa or Multiple-entry visa depending on their purpose.

Besides, foreigners who have a Vietnam TT visa will be issued Temporary Residence Card for visiting relatives with the same symbol as the visa and a length of stay is up to 3 years


  • Depending on each specific case, the Immigration Department might issue the visa with a shorter duration compared to the allotted time under the Law or the requested time from the applicants. 
  • Foreigners who want to stay in Vietnam for more than 1 year, should apply for a temporary residence card for visiting relatives    

Conditions to get a Relatives visa for foreigners

To get a TT visa, foreigners must meet all the requirements below:

  • Relatives living in Vietnam guarantee
  • Have documents to prove the personal relationship between the foreigner and the sponsor
  • Have a passport or valid international travel document
  • Foreigners have not been banned from entering the country specified in Clause 3, Article 17 of Law 47/2014/QH13

Apply for Vietnam TT visa procedure

To grant a TT visa, foreigners must have an Approval Entry Letter or invitation letter with the purpose of visiting relatives. After getting one of those papers, foreigners must prepare the required documents to apply for TT visa.

Guarantee documents:

  1. Copy of applicant's passport
  2. Application form for Approval Entry Letter into Vietnam according to current regulations
  3. Documents proving the relationship between the visa applicant and the sponsor: birth certificate, marriage certificate, family relationship certificate, ...
  4. Notarized copy: Temporary residence card / Citizen ID / Passport of the guarantor,...
  5. Information about the trip: expected date of entry, place to receive visa,...
  6. Letter of introduction to the person who goes through the visa procedures at the Immigration Office
  7. And other relevant documents at the request of the Immigration Department


  • Depending on each case, the documents for sponsoring foreigners' relatives to enter Vietnam will have different requirements.
  • The processing time for the entry dispatch is 5 working days, up to 7-10 days.

>> For assistance in applying for an Approval Entry Letter, please contact [+84] 1900 6654 for instructions on a case-by-case basis

Documents for TT visa:

  1. Original passport valid for more than 6 months and has at least 2 blank pages
  2. Visa application form 
  3. 02 photos of size 4x6cm, taken within 6 months
  4. Hard copy of Approval Entry Letter into Vietnam
  5. Vietnam visa application fee

After preparing all documents, foreigners go to the address specified on the Approval Entry Letter to be stamped with TT visa. Nowadays, foreigners can apply for visa stamping at Vietnamese consulates abroad or at international border gates upon entry.

TT visa application

TT visa application fees

Depending on the number of entries and the duration of the visa, foreigners will have to pay different visa fees. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance, the specific fees for visa issuance for foreigners are as follows:

  • 1-month single entry visa, 3-month single entry visa: 25 USD/pcs
  • Visa types with validity of no more than 03 months: 50 USD/pcs
  • Visa types with validity from more than 3 to 6 months: 95 USD/pcs
  • Visa types with validity from more than 06 months to 12 months: 135 USD/pcs

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Above is the basic information as well as how to carry out the procedures to apply for a TT visa. Through this article, we hope that this helps you understand this visa category as well as how to apply for TT visa.

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